Teleco Mergers & Predictions

Recovered from – Apr 1, 1997   Glimpse of the Future. There is a lot going on now that gives insight into the terrain of the future on and off the net. Bell Atlantic … Continue reading Teleco Mergers & Predictions

Baby Internet

Recovered from – Apr 29, 1997 There was a man who once proclaimed that he was shutting down shop. He ran the local Patent Office. He bellowed at the top of his lungs his … Continue reading Baby Internet

Cause du Jour

Recovered from – Apr 24, 1997 With every great society and culture what inevitably happens is that some losers declare themselves to be leaders of the masses. The net is no exception to this … Continue reading Cause du Jour

Hardware & Losers

Recovered from – Apr 20, 1997 So whats going on in the hardware world you ask? Good question. Vendors are coming around to releasing Pentium Pro 200mhtz servers. NT is becoming a real threat … Continue reading Hardware & Losers

1-1-00 Problemo

Recovered from – Apr 18, 1997 Funny and news at the same time. We all live our lives in cycles. We wake up in the morning, work and play all day and go to … Continue reading 1-1-00 Problemo

Internet Explorer Mail / News

Recovered from – Apr 17, 1997 (One of my first design critiques) Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 3.0 is expected to be released in beta in just two weeks. The much anticipated upgrade to 2.0 will … Continue reading Internet Explorer Mail / News

Image is Everything

Recovered from – Apr 13, 1997 OK Let’s map all this out: DATE Search Engine IPO OPEN HIGH CLOSE NOW April 2 Lycos $16 $29.25 $21.94 $17 April 4 Excite $17 $21.25 $20 $14.50 … Continue reading Image is Everything

Yahoo! IPO

Recovered from – Apr 12, 1997 Yahoo is officially a publically traded company. Today Yahoo is offering 2.6 million shares of stock at $13 per share. Yahoo was founded in April 1994 by Jerry … Continue reading Yahoo! IPO

Cool Sites (1996)

Recovered from – Apr 11, 1997 I hate cool lists, why am I doing this? Well, maybe you haven’t seen these ones. Trés Chic, mon frère! What do psychos write about? The Unabomber’s Manifesto … Continue reading Cool Sites (1996)

Other News (April 1996)

Recovered from – Apr 10, 1997 IBM may license the Apple operating system MacOS. Prediction: It’s the blind leading the dumb. They have both failed separately to topple the Microsoft/Intel monopoly over the PC … Continue reading Other News (April 1996)