NT 4.0 Lessons

I had the good fortune to try out Windows NT 4.0 yesterday and install it on my PC. I learned some very important lessons. The first lesson is to always listen to your girlfriend; she … Continue reading NT 4.0 Lessons

Browser Security

What a hellacious week. First I got a summer flu. Then I sprained my ankle. And finally my bathroom turned into the Thing that ate Cleveland when raw sewage overflowed from the toilet and bathtub … Continue reading Browser Security

Political Sites

The smell is in the air. Bullshit, I believe. Here are the web sites of the oh, so hip, political candidates and parties. Register to Vote The WhiteHouse Republican National Committee Clinton/Gore 96 Dole/Kemp 96 … Continue reading Political Sites

RAM: Prices Still Dropping

March 22 8 meg EDO RAM $220 April 9 8 meg EDO RAM $160 May 9 8 meg EDO RAM $91 July 19 8 meg EDO RAM $55 TODAY 8 meg EDO RAM $50 Ram … Continue reading RAM: Prices Still Dropping

American Capitalism

Last night at midnight Pacific time, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 3.0 officially. Yesterday Netscape posted a new homepage outlining how Netscape Navigator 3.0 can kick the crap out of Internet Explorer 3.0. They also announced … Continue reading American Capitalism

Bizarro Internet World

The strangest events have been taking place. AOL goes down for 19 hours. My ISP, usually impeccable with connect rate (28800) and no busy signals, has been connecting at 26400 and frequent busy signals starting … Continue reading Bizarro Internet World


I don’t want to be lame and give you news that’s not real exciting so here is a list of some of the shareware I have found to be exceptional for the Windows 95 operating … Continue reading Shareware

Technology Crash

America Online (AOL), is down. AOL crashed at 4 a.m. EST while it was installing new software that had to do with its network routing system, a problem area for other ISPs. As of 11:07 … Continue reading Technology Crash

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

My hand is killing me. I think I am getting carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s in my left hand, all the way on the side near the pinky. Here are some things I heard that can … Continue reading Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sheep and Balls

Why do people think Microsoft is the Devil? It’s just a company. They make software. It’s Redmond, Washington, not Redmond, Hell, Level 9. Open Letter to all closed-minded sheep. You know who you are: Try … Continue reading Sheep and Balls