The Network Computer

I hear the wackiest things when it comes to the Network Computer and what the world and computing will be like in the coming years and months. I will not claim that I know exactly … Continue reading The Network Computer

Mac Attack

Six months ago many industry analysts predicted the demise of Apple after they posted a 700 million dollar loss. Many thought that they were ripe for a hostile takeover. Recent events have saved Apple from … Continue reading Mac Attack

VB on the Web

Lately the research I’ve been doing has to do with Visual Basic and its Web potential as opposed to Perl or C. Visual basic is much easier to learn and it seems that most programmers … Continue reading VB on the Web

New Stuff (1996)

Before the internet, Early Adopter meant that you had to read page 74 of obscure trade magazines and go to lame gatherings to see the latest and greatest technologies. In other words, you either were … Continue reading New Stuff (1996)

NY Decency Act

Didn’t we just settle this? The Communications Decency Act? Deemed Unconstitutional? Hello? Anyone paying attention? New York Governor George “Ringo” Pataki signed a bill making it a felony to transmit indecent materials to minors via … Continue reading NY Decency Act

Local Yokel

Yahoo launched yet another local guide to a city. This time 2000 miles away from Yahoo’s California home base. It’s good old New York New York. If they can make it here they can make … Continue reading Local Yokel

Spin Doctors

I am so sick of spin doctors. Every company wants to be on the front page of the trade mags delivering the next big thing. Today it was big blue, IBM. IBM announced that by … Continue reading Spin Doctors

Macromedia Madness

Macromedia is kicking ass! Just after releasing a new shockwave version with streaming audio and porting the popular plugin to Microsoft Internet Explorer, Macromedia has struck a deal with Netscape. In the next version of … Continue reading Macromedia Madness

Fall Business Predictions

With the end of summer comes the end of vacations and loose business climates. The autumn weather should bring serious new attitudes to the internet. All of those companies that have been mulling over what … Continue reading Fall Business Predictions