PR Hacks

From May 30, 1997 (  The lost-world column stirred some emotions. So in all fairness, I will re-visit the idea of PR hacks. Early in my internet career I knew some hackers. They broke into … Continue reading PR Hacks

The Lost Sense of Journalism

From May 29, 1997 ( The lost-world was “hacked” yesterday. (May 28, 1997) Someone replaced the opening image on the lost-world website yesterday. The new image transformed the scary dinosaur skeleton into a rubber duck. … Continue reading The Lost Sense of Journalism

Active Server Pages

Definition: A component of the Internet Information Server (IIS) 3.0 from Microsoft, which parses scripting languages on the server. The structure of the technology lets you create HTML pages which include scripts (right in the … Continue reading Active Server Pages