2004 Voting Guide

I received my voter guide and was reading it on the train. 90% of the measures were for tax increases to pay for this program or that. And let me tell you that, not including elections, there were THIRTY-TWO separate measures that I have to vote on. Now, I have to speak up here. This is too much. I can’t vote on 32 different measures in one sitting. How long do they want people to stand in line?

If a homeless guy asked me for a dollar, I might give it to him. If 32 homeless guys asked me, I would get scared and run away!

Here is the difference between the republicans and the democrats IN BERKELEY. The democrats want to fund every program they can with taxes. The republicans want to fund none of those programs. Now here is the kicker…The republicans say that the democrats are not spending their existing funds efficiently. Even claiming that they are being irresponsible. Now, I KNOW that this is true, because I have seen how this is inevitable in governance. Pork is powerful. More powerful than democracy.

So this leaves me in a quandary. Individually, I would vote yes on almost every tax. But all 32 of them seems overwhelming. Do I vote yes on them individually? Or do I vote yes on a percentage of them? Do I pick the ones that benefit me personally? Or the ones I think are best for the community. Programs are always good for some people and not others. Should I be selfish?

I wish there was an option to say, you can have 50% of all the taxes you are asking for. I don’t know what to do. Its a pork barrel world, and there aint nuttin we can do bout it.

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