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Month: July 2004

Which stall?

When you are at work, do you go to the bathroom and use the exact same stall every time? Do you get annoyed if someone is in YOUR stall? What made you choose that particular stall? On another note: President Bush said that Kerry would erase gains made in the past four years in the economy and U.S. security. What gains??

You are a Cyborg

I am reading this. Here is a thought. You are a Cyborg. We all are. What is a Cyborg? It is something which is part human and part machine. I’m not talking about people with jarvik hearts. I’m talking about you. I wake up in the morning on my bed made out of machines and man made materials, warm in my house controlled by man made devices. I take a shower in a man-made device which pumps water from hundreds of miles away directly onto my head at the desired temperature. I pour man made chemicals in my hair to…

Google IPO

Google does not have a great business plan. Just because they are popular doesn’t make them a 30 Billion dollar company. I’m not buying. This doesn’t mean that their stock price will go up. It just means, I don’t believe in their business. But then again, I have no experience in financial matters, so what the hell do I know. In the post-modern world, perception is reality. Speaking of which… “I think, therefore, I think I am.” “Nothing can be proven. Anything can be disproved. Anything “true” can be packaged and sold as false and vice-versa.” “The purpose of Wisdom…

Writing a book

I’ve been looking for a book and can not seem to find it, so I think I’m going to write it instead. Here is the general idea: Building a Business Web Application User Interface for Internet Explorer using CSS and DHTML. How to design and build an intuitive, scalable and flexible business app. This will include interaction design standards, plus how to implement it. I’m going to start working on it soon. Ideas for a title?

Follow Me Fish

This is cool. This weekend is the Democratic convention in Boston. Hopefully it will be interesting. Maybe I’m being optimistic. Probably.

The Note

CBS News has this page called The Note. It’s very good, but man, its long. How much can happen each day??

New Baby

Only 1 hour after arriving at the hospital, our third baby boy squirted out.  (Much better than the 18 hour marathons we were used to!) Matthew Cal LipkaBorn: July 17, 2004 – 6:30pm Weight: 7.5 lbs Height: 20 in Fingers: 10 Toes: 10:) Baby name thought: When we were thinking of names, it was impossible not to think of people in high school with the same name. In High School, I lived near Matthew Stopnick for example. Its wierd how you associate names, huh?


Can’t seem to wake up today. Too bad I don’t drink Coffee. On a technology note: I am setting up to work within a J2EE environement, so Im installing Eclipse, WinCVS, WebLogic, Apache Ant and the Java J2SE SDK. I don’t think I need Tomcat or Struts, but who knows. What ever happened to the old days when you just needed a text editor and a web server? Is Struts html tags better than JSTL? What about Java Faces versus Struts Tiles? Man, no wonder Im tired. This is exhausting.

Philosophy of Life

I have a new job in San Francisco. So far, it’s the best job I’ve ever had. And sometime this/next week, I will have a third son. Here is my philosophy of life: When things go bad, just think that the bad thing is a credit for 1 equal good thing in the future. So when you die, you have a roughly even amount. A bad high school experience means you might have a good retirement or something. When things go good, then stop your complaining and enjoy the moment. Things are good! This way, you spend most of your…

Same Sex Marriage

It seems that congress is about to vote on a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. How lame are the Republicans on this issue. They say, “Don’t you dare limit my right to have guns! But let’s limit someone else’s right to file a joint tax return!” There has never been an amendment to limit rights, only to expand them. I hope this next election has a backlash against the religious ridiculous right. Just for the recond, I’m a progressive capitalist, in the spirit of Henry Wallace. has further info.


Today was the Wimbeldon Tennis finals. Federer versus Roddick. Roddick was down 2 sets to 1 but was making a comeback and had 6 break points, any one of which would have given him a distinct advantage in the set and then match. Roddick lost every one of them. After the last one he basically gave up. He lost the next 12 points in a row and lost the match. You could see it on his face. He just gave up after losing that last break point. Its a shame too, because Federer was up against the ropes. He was…

The gods

Yesterday, I was playing the Risk computer game with my 4 year old son Ethan. Like the board game you roll dice and the higher dice rolls win. The layout on the computer screen has our dice on the left and the opponents dice on the right. So there is a great deal of luck involved. Ethan told me, “You know who controls the dice, daddy?” “Who?” I asked. “The Gods of Left and Right.” He replied. “Really?” I queried. “Yes, and we have to chant to make them happy. And he starts to chant the Chi spell from Jackie…

MSN Search Design

MSN Search has a new revamped minimalist look. I like it alot actually. Makes me wonder. Is it the design of google that I like or is it the search results. I think its the design. Im going to try this search engine for a while and see.