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Month: October 2004

75/33 Year Anniversary

75 Years ago today was the great stock market crash of 1929. Also Winona Ryder turns 33 years old today. Wow. Looking at her bio, I had no idea some of the stuff about her. For example: 1. Her real hair color is blonde but when she made her first major film Lucas (1986) her hair color was dyed black and she was told to keep it that color and it has stayed that color since. 2. She smokes a pack of cigarettes a day! 3. She was born Winona Horowitz and named after her the town in which she…

Enron and War

What the heck happened to Enron? This was the biggest corporate rip-off ever and no one brings it up at all. I think that the War on Terrorism and the War in Iraq is actually just a big distraction from corporate greed and abuse scandals. Why doesn’t Kerry say as much? Something like this: “The President is a one-trick pony. He talks about the War on Terror. What about the War on Drugs? The War on Crime? The War on Poverty? The War on Illiteracy? How about Corporate scandals like Enron? They ripped off hundreds of thousands of seniors of…

Income Breakdown in US

Quick Question: What percentage of Americans do you think has your income level? I believe that most Americans do not understand the breakdown of income in this country. So here is a nice chart to help you understand how poor most Americans are. (Shoutout to Danny for the basic info and the IRS for making this information public.) Source: IRS Income Tax Statistics Data – 130,076,445 Total income tax returns from 2002 Gross Income Americans % of Population $1 – $50,000 92,594,960 71.185% $50,000 – $75,000 17,396,916 13.374% $75,000 – $100,000 9,247,839 7.110% $100,000 – $200,000 8,422,603 6.475% $200,000 –…

The Workin Man

A poem I read in The People’s History of the US. Addition source. My Boy I have a little boy at home, A pretty little son; I think sometimes the world is mine In him, my only one. But seldom, seldom do I see My child in heaven’s light; I find him always fast asleep… I see him but at night. Ere dawn my labor drives me forth; ’Tis night when I am free; A stranger am I to my child; And strange my child to me. I come in darkness to my home, With weariness and—pay; My pallid wife,…

Poor Jets

They put up a good fight but lost. So I guess they are not going to go 16-0. BUT, I am getting a vision…Here it comes…They are going to go 15-1. I am 94% sure. If the Redsox can win the World Series, then maybe the Jets can win the Superbowl? The boys are getting a tiny bit more into football. I wish I could get DirecTV on the roof. Then I could force them to watch the Jets with me. In other news, Ethan rode his bike around our new block in Hercules. I am pleased.

Its all about Florida

A nice electoral college calculator. Using this, I started with the 2000 election. Then I split Colorado’s vote. Then I changed Pennsylvania from a Democrat win to a Republican win. Ohio went to Bush last time. It doesn’t really matter. Whoever wins Florida wins. It’s all about Florida. Check the Miami Herald’s article written an hour ago on who is winning there. I wonder why I don’t hear about more trips to the sunshine state. I hear Ohio and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and even New Jersey. But what about Disney World? Right now, Kerry is in Ohio hunting. He is…

New House, Day 4

So Comcast came over to set up cable TV and Internet Access, but unfortunately, they screwed up the internet access. They can’t even fix it until Sunday. Come on people! 13 days to the election. I sort of feel like a Boston Red Sox fan. You can make your own analogies here. Maybe something about class warfare and Babe Ruth? What is the best analogy you can make between this election and the Yankees/RedSox series? *Winner gets a new car!* *You must be over 100 years old and live in Indiana to be eligible for this contest. Entries must be…

Houses and Families

Moved. Muscles hurt. Everything still in boxes or strewn throughout the house. No internet access. No phones. No Comcast. No DirecTV. No garbage. No mail. Other than that, I love the new house. Oh, speaking of DirecTV. They came and decided that the roof was too high. They didn’t want to go up on the ladder. What the hell is that? A satellite installation company that is afraid of heights?? Oh, and my brother, Danny, asked popped the question to his roommate, Lindee. She accepted (grudgingly) and will consent to do his laundry and cook his meals and put up…

New House

We are the proud new owners of our new house in Hercules. It cost an arm and a leg but it is ours. I feel good about moving. Really excited. Lots to do. We are moving tomorrow. Right now, I am all optimism. Let’s see how I feel a year from now!

Lying Liars

In the debates, the ridiculous lies are making me crazy. Dick Cheney Debate Lies.. This video shows Bush lying to every American in crystal clear language. Bush DOES own part of a Timber company! I have this terrible feeling in my stomach that Bush is going to be president for four more years. I don’t know if he will be elected, but he will be president. Hopefully, it’s just gas.

Bush cheating???

This is just a very funny read. (Thanks to Danny for sending it)

Random Memory

Remember that guy Barry Sobel, the comedian who came on stage and said, I don’t have time for all my jokes, but I can give you the lunchlines. Then he rattled off a whole bunch of joke punchlines. Man, that was funny. Layer?! I don’t even know her! Ok, in that spirit here are The Top 5 Amish Comedian Punchlines : “Twenty mules, a sack of flour and a stout ox — same as in Intercourse.” “‘Twas not a pitchfork I used to ring thy doorbell, sister Rebecca.” “Thy mother is so stupid, she only has three sons named Samuel!”…

Its not personal, it’s business.

Someone at work said, “It’s just work, it’s not personal.” I said, “I spend more time with you than with my kids.” We aren’t robots. Our daily lives are personal experiences, and don’t let “the man” make you think that you should stop experiencing life on a personal level just because you are at work. How much of your day is “personal” and how much is “just business”?

2004 Voting Guide

I received my voter guide and was reading it on the train. 90% of the measures were for tax increases to pay for this program or that. And let me tell you that, not including elections, there were THIRTY-TWO separate measures that I have to vote on. Now, I have to speak up here. This is too much. I can’t vote on 32 different measures in one sitting. How long do they want people to stand in line? If a homeless guy asked me for a dollar, I might give it to him. If 32 homeless guys asked me, I…

Kids Joke and Class Warfare

Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon? – Good food, but no atmosphere. I’m currently reading People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn. It’s hard not to be depressed when you read about all of the oppression 95% of the population suffers so that the rich can continue to stay rich. In the news, Paris Hilton has another video of her “adventures”. I think about her life and the lives of the super wealthy. Although I see that everyone has their problems, I also see that starving to death or losing your home and having to…

The Bear

Somedays, you eat the bear. Somedays, the bear eats you. What will today be? It’s early, but it doesn’t look good so far. I can smell my own fear. Speaking of smell, check this out.

Hard Work

This is my favorite quote from the debates last night, from President George W. Bush: You know, I think about Missy Johnson. She’s a fantastic lady I met in Charlotte, North Carolina. She and her son Bryan, they came to see me. Her husband PJ got killed. He’d been in Afghanistan, went to Iraq. You know, it’s hard work to try to love her as best as I can, knowing full well that the decision I made caused her loved one to be in harm’s way. Reminds me of Wesley Snipes from White Men Can’t Jump. “It’s hard work makin’…

Is winning enough?

Last night was the Presidential Debate (part I). I thought Kerry won and Bush looked bad. The question is: Is winning enough? Just ask Al Gore, and he will tell you, “Winning is NOT enough.” For a year, I have been saying that I do not like Kerry based on his democratic debates where he attacked Dean non-stop. Last night, he gained a few points in my own personal poll. I thought he did a good job and gained 10% points in my own estimation. I may vote for him! 😉