75/33 Year Anniversary

75 Years ago today was the great stock market crash of 1929. Also Winona Ryder turns 33 years old today. Wow. Looking at her bio, I had no idea some of the stuff about her. … Continue reading 75/33 Year Anniversary

Enron and War

What the heck happened to Enron? This was the biggest corporate rip-off ever and no one brings it up at all. I think that the War on Terrorism and the War in Iraq is actually … Continue reading Enron and War

Income Breakdown in US

Quick Question: What percentage of Americans do you think has your income level? I believe that most Americans do not understand the breakdown of income in this country. So here is a nice chart to … Continue reading Income Breakdown in US

The Workin Man

A poem I read in The People’s History of the US. Addition source. My Boy I have a little boy at home, A pretty little son; I think sometimes the world is mine In him, … Continue reading The Workin Man

Poor Jets

They put up a good fight but lost. So I guess they are not going to go 16-0. BUT, I am getting a vision…Here it comes…They are going to go 15-1. I am 94% sure. … Continue reading Poor Jets

Its all about Florida

A nice electoral college calculator. Using this, I started with the 2000 election. Then I split Colorado’s vote. Then I changed Pennsylvania from a Democrat win to a Republican win. Ohio went to Bush last … Continue reading Its all about Florida

New House, Day 4

So Comcast came over to set up cable TV and Internet Access, but unfortunately, they screwed up the internet access. They can’t even fix it until Sunday. Come on people! 13 days to the election. … Continue reading New House, Day 4

Houses and Families

Moved. Muscles hurt. Everything still in boxes or strewn throughout the house. No internet access. No phones. No Comcast. No DirecTV. No garbage. No mail. Other than that, I love the new house. Oh, speaking … Continue reading Houses and Families

New House

We are the proud new owners of our new house in Hercules. It cost an arm and a leg but it is ours. I feel good about moving. Really excited. Lots to do. We are … Continue reading New House

Lying Liars

In the debates, the ridiculous lies are making me crazy. Dick Cheney Debate Lies.. This video shows Bush lying to every American in crystal clear language. Bush DOES own part of a Timber company! I … Continue reading Lying Liars