Cousin Bruce

This is my cousin Bruce. He was a professional tennis player and now is the Director of Tennis at a fancy schmancy place in Maryland. He was always my image of an athlete. One time, … Continue reading Cousin Bruce

Intelligent Design

Katie and all three boys are sleeping over at MaryAnn’s house. I get the whole house to myself. Ahhh, sleep, wonderful sleep. I was just reading an article in the New Yorker about Intelligent Design. … Continue reading Intelligent Design

Pollen Count

Allergies this year have been brutal. Some of the most intense reactions ever. This website is helpful. This one is not quite as good, although it shows that the Pollen count on 5/21 was sky … Continue reading Pollen Count

Turdy Tree

Yesterday was my Birthday. I am turdy tree now. One third of a century. I am hoping to live forever, but each year is nice to commemorate. We had dinner at The Alameda and roasted … Continue reading Turdy Tree

Democrat trends

This trendline is disturbing to me. It reminds me of when Jefferson anilhilated the Federalists between 1800 and 1808. Democrats need to believe in progressivism. They do not need to be the party of medium … Continue reading Democrat trends

My wife, The Swan

I am looking for a link, but I can’t find it. This morning, on NPR, they had a guy on with a perspective. He talked about an experience he had years ago watching a woman … Continue reading My wife, The Swan

Alot going on

Danny having his first baby today. House in Hercules has an accepted offer, pending closing. Looking for new house on the penisula. Kids need alot of my time and unfortunately, I am not spending enough … Continue reading Alot going on

New Niece

My brother, Danny, just informed me that his wife Lindy has just broken her water and is entering the final stage of baby creation, Labor. We have a countdown of anywhere from 6-24 hours. We … Continue reading New Niece

Allergic to expensive houses

My allergies have arrived with a Vengeance. (capital V) My eyes are itchy, my nose is running and plugged up and my head feels like a water balloon. Not fun. Not fun. Our friend Mark … Continue reading Allergic to expensive houses

Web App Golden Rules (Part 1)

Rules for a great web application: (in no particular order) Use CSS. Try as hard as you can to eliminate all presentation specific information from your html. Abstract the presentation layer! Use DOM. Try as … Continue reading Web App Golden Rules (Part 1)