Hotbrick 401W review

The Hotbrick 401W with the new firmware (June 2005) does not save passwords properly with passwords ending in a number. (i.e. glen123) I am a good QA engineer! Review of the firewall: (Besides the bug) … Continue reading Hotbrick 401W review

Divine Intervention

Last night, God spoke to me. God said, “Glen?” I said, “Yeah?.” God said, “You know, the Jets are going to win the superbowl this year. I know I mentioned that last year, but I … Continue reading Divine Intervention

Quick thought

I was thinking about the ‘Life is a’…question today. How is this one? It is for people with kids 2-3 years old. Life is a contradiction. No it’s not. I imagine Jared would agree. I … Continue reading Quick thought

A world without fear

Today is the first day at the new office. I am currently waiting for Steve from work to pick me up. I am typing on my laptop outside of the Ashby Bart station. Can you … Continue reading A world without fear

Last City Day

Today is the last day I am going to work in San Francisco. The company is moving to San Mateo. It is exciting. We are moving houses next week too. The future smells like a … Continue reading Last City Day

Wish I had a recorder

Sometimes, I just sit and listen to Ethan and Jared talk to each other. I wish I had a recorder at those moments. Here is a sampling: Jared: Eeftan! Here is your gun! Ethan: I … Continue reading Wish I had a recorder

Welcome to San Mateo

We picked a place! Check it out. Katie did an awesome job of negotiating and being decisive and making it happen. Three cheers for Katie! Hip Hip…HooRay! Hip Hip…HooRay! Hip Hip…HooRay! It is a beautiful … Continue reading Welcome to San Mateo

Biden for president

Joe Biden took one more step towards running for president. (See article) I really like Biden as a candidate. He has gravitas. His resume is good. He commands a solid presence. I just hope he … Continue reading Biden for president

Housing Pressure and a Poem

Feeling the squeeze. Need to find a good house. I’d like it to be in Menlo Park / Palo Alto, but we can’t live in the car either. The last 10 years have been a … Continue reading Housing Pressure and a Poem


We applied for two houses in Palo Alto/Menlo Park this weekend. Hopefully, we will get one of them. We have been experimenting with a setup for navigation and finding the houses. Here is the setup: … Continue reading GPS