Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest. Sorry, no time for more.

Business Trip Again

Once again, I find myself in Las Vegas waiting to board a flight to Dallas. Being away from the family stinks. Jared’s tummy still hurts. I miss them already and the week has barely begun. … Continue reading Business Trip Again

Tummy hurts

Jared has been sick for the last 40 hours or so. He says his tummy hurts. He kept repeating it, “My tummy hurts, my tummy hurts!?” I told him, “I know sweetie.” He replied, “Listen … Continue reading Tummy hurts


Ethan’s bike was stolen from his school the other day. Katie and I have decided to wait until Solstice to replace it. So I said to Ethan, “Mommy and Daddy spoke to Santa…”. Ethan interrupted … Continue reading Fantasy

Uke Master

Katie got me a new Uke songbook with songs from the 60’s. Right now, I am practicing Daydream Believer and Moon River and Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. The book has many Beatles … Continue reading Uke Master


For work, I need to edit a file originally made in Adobe inDesign. I have never used it before. I will report my findings. Speaking of Design, I just finished reading Donald Norman’s book, The … Continue reading Design


Ethan had left his Bicycle overnight at his school. We went to go pick it up and it was gone. This is really bad. That bike was perfect. It was light, 6 gears, 20″ wheels … Continue reading Bikes

East Coast Trip

The trip to the East Coast started off poorly. We had decided to attempt public transportation to get to SFO. Unfortunately, I had read the CalTrain schedule incorrectly. We waited for 45 minutes at the … Continue reading East Coast Trip

The Nays have it

I couldn’t afford to buy cotton so I decided to be abrasive, and steel wool. Every proposition failed. I wish Prop 80 had done better, but I blame the phrasing of the proposition. It should … Continue reading The Nays have it

Sick of the Jets

Q: How can you tell when a bucket gets sick? A: It becomes a little pale. The Jets, Sunday night, ALMOST won the game against the Chargers. They had 1st and goal with a minute … Continue reading Sick of the Jets