Katie and I recently watched Crash. Katie ad I liked the movie alot. It was a study on people’s motivations and the cause/effect relationships people have. It shows how someone becomes the way they are, … Continue reading Crash

Next Book

I just finished The Paradox of Choice. Somewhere in the middle of the book it switched from being an information architecture/usability/psychology book into a self-help book for coping with depression. All good interesting stuff, but … Continue reading Next Book

No Problem

Lately Jared is being very sweet to me, although I hear not so sweet stories from Katie. This morning he said, “Daddy, I have something special to tell you… Thanks for throwing me on the … Continue reading No Problem

The Paradox of Choice

I was recently, at work, given the book, The Paradox of Choice, to read. It confirms many anecdotal stories and observations I have had about human behavior and decision making. A long time ago, I … Continue reading The Paradox of Choice

A conversation in the White House:

Vice President Dick Cheney: I am the most powerful vice president in the history of the US! I rock! I can get away with anything! I rock so hard. Karl Rove: Hmmm, you never shot … Continue reading A conversation in the White House:

Emotional Design

I bought the new Gillete Fusion Razor with battery. I didn’t have high hopes, but I had to know, would a battery powered razor be any better than a normal razor? The answer, I can … Continue reading Emotional Design

Html Editors

I have been frustrated for years with Macromedia’s complete lack of support for Homesite. Even though it solves my problems, I do not like being treated that way. I want new Beta software, all the … Continue reading Html Editors

Potty all the Time

This morning, something wonderful happened. Matthew (Age: one and a half) said to Katie: “Potty!” Katie brought the boy to the bathroom and had him sit down. The next thing you know… SLAM BAM THANK … Continue reading Potty all the Time

Superbowl XL

Pretty good game. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the game. Several plays (interceptions) could have changed the game. Each team had a chance to win and the defenses stepped up. In general, the Seattle Seahawks wide … Continue reading Superbowl XL