Dubai Ports

I have been following this strange story about the ports in Dubai. Katie and I agree, we just do not care about this issue. There are other much more important issues on our radar. Who cares if Dubai manages a port? Security is not handled by them. Have you seen the Modern Marvels show on Dubai? They are doing some CRAZY stuff. They made their own islands in the shape of the world land mass! That takes some serious Vision with a capital V.

Look at this stuff they built! An island made to look like a palm tree. Here is another one they made! They are MAKING beach front property out of nothing! Lex Luthor himself would be proud.

They even made an indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert!! These people are visionaries.

And how to do they accomplish these feats? With slave labor and oil money, of course! No wonder George Bush loves them. They are Texas Oil Men at heart! They love money and slave labor!

So why not let them manage the ports? Seriously, If they don’t then someone else will. Are you telling me GWB will choose a company that treats people BETTER than Dubai? Most likely it will be the same. But I look off the west coast of the peninsula and think…”Hmmm, a nice island right there, in the shape of the Intuit Logo. I could live there!”

Amusing Lines

On NPR they had a story about Iraq. Here is the summary.
Outlawed under Saddam Hussein’s rule, a Shia custom that allows a man to marry a woman for a short period of time has become increasingly popular in Iraq since the American invasion. But critics say it’s nothing more than religiously sanctioned prostitution.

Amusing Line in the story (click listen to hear it):
The Shi’ite Muslim cleric Ali Sistani said you could find out more about the marriages on his website.

God bless the internet.

Ethan has a homework assignment. He needs to design and build a leprechaun trap. He has a profile of the little creatures. They are small, sneaky and do not follow rules.

So Katie was telling me about this and stressing out. I was on the shuttle with other people around talking on the cell phone. I said, “Why don’t you make a box with a stick and a string. The leprechaun goes under the box and you pull the string.” (Of course people were looking at me funny)

Amusing Line in the story:
Katie said, “That is a stupid idea! Do you think leprechaun’s are dumb? They will never go under the box!”

God bless Katie.

Prediction Results

Not bad, but not perfect. HSX got all of them right except Best Picture. It was funny too, because we had all but concluded that HSX was 100% accurate. Definetely need to figure out what happened. The good news was that I was planning on dong the dishes anyway to help out around the house. The bad news is that I will not be master of the universe.

I thought the show was good. John Stewart was funny. I liked George Clooney’s speech. I thought the speech by the president of the Academy was retarded. Basically, he was saying, Moviess Rock, DVD’s suck. The honest truth is: I don’t want to spend $10 per person on a movie. I am willing to spend $4 per person a movie. Can someone in the theatre industry get it through their skulls that I will buy $35 worth of garbage at the cocession stand if the tickets are reasonable, but I refuse to pay $10 for a movie ticket. Additionally, I am willing to spend $10 for opening night or for the best seats in the house. Othewrwise, $4.

I hope one day the theatres get this simple truth.

Oscar 2006 Predictions

Based on the book I am reading, The Wisdom of Crowds, I believe that the Hollywood Stock Exchange will predict every single Oscar winner accurately.

Best Picture – Brokeback Mountain
Best Director – Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain
Best Actor – Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote
Best Actress – Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line
Best Supporting Actor – George Clooney in Syriana
Best Supporting Actress – Rachel Weisz in The Constant Gardener
Best Original Screenplay – Crash
Best Adapted Screenplay – Brokeback Mountain
Most Awards Total – Brokeback Mountain

These are the winners. Using markets like this can actually predict a wide variety of things. It is scary if used properly.

Amazing Grace

This morning I played the Ukelele. Amazing Grace, easy song. First Jared sang, then Ethan sang and then Mommy sang. And then we all sang. We were like the Von Trapp family singers. Except without only one person who sang well. Katie keeps saying I am playing 4/4 and the song is 3/4. I have no idea what she is talking about. She should be on American Idol. She is awesome.

But we are not supporting her as a family. She is responsible for too much in the house. We need to all chip in on cleaning, organizing, laundry, cooking, etc.

I once was lost, but now I am found. Was blind, but now I see.