How much do other people think? For me it is an insatiable activity. Every person I see; I wonder what they do for a living, what makes them tick, what troubles them, what they are … Continue reading Thinking

Mambo Kings

Katie and I watched the Mambo Kings last night. I had seen it years ago, but I thought she would love it. Antonio Banderas singing and dancing and speaking spanish. What more could Katie want? … Continue reading Mambo Kings

The perfect HTML Editor search continues

Still trying out html editors and still not WOWed. Review so far. HTML-KIT – This is the most customizable thing I have ever seen. Literally every single thing is editable. The problem is that the … Continue reading The perfect HTML Editor search continues

In the News today

Two things on the news today. First, this is the 100 anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake. They keep saying we are going to get another one in our lifetimes. I am hoping for an … Continue reading In the News today

Big Love

Watching Big Love with Katie. I think polygamy is interesting. Of course, there is the down side of the bickering, but the upside is nice too. You don’t have to worry about “in the mood” … Continue reading Big Love

Google Calendar

Google Calendar went into beta the other day. I think the execution is excellent. Very good all around. I am still struggling with the need for an online calendar. Is this better than a date … Continue reading Google Calendar

Cartoon Voices

I am watching cartoons with the boys. We are watching an old cartoon, I used to watch as a kid called Dungeons and Dragons. I heard Eric the Paladin’s voice and thought it was very … Continue reading Cartoon Voices

Ethan Song

He has been singing this pretty loudly for a few days now. I’ve got a song and it’s not very long and it goes like, you see; It’s kind of snappy and it makes me … Continue reading Ethan Song

Little Things

The new RoboCut arrived (the old one broke when it tried to cut Jared’s thick hair). I cut my hair this morning and Katie says it looks good. I also cut Matt’s hair. His face … Continue reading Little Things