Matthew: Mine!

Matthew was carrying something he shouldn’t have. Can’t remember what. I said, "Matthew, put that down". Matthew: "Mine" (Matter of fact) Daddy: "No." Matthew: "Mine?" (Are you sure?) Daddy: "No." Matthew: "MINE!!!" (Screaming like a … Continue reading Matthew: Mine!

Creative Genius

A colleague lent me this book. Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie. I read the first few pages and I am really intrigued. Here is the cliff-notes edition of the first 5 pages. The … Continue reading Creative Genius

JS Motion Tweening

Check out this framework for motion tweening in javascript. This is brilliant. It is pretty concise code. Easily readable. It allows for Flash-like effects making things fade on and off and move on the screen. … Continue reading JS Motion Tweening


Monday, May 22 was my birthday. I am 34. I used to be 33. 33 gets rounded down to 30 and is almost like being in your 20’s. 34 gets rounded up to 35. 35 … Continue reading Numbers


Ever since Shaq entered the league, I have hated basketball. It was all bump, bump, slam. The post was the worst play in the world. It was boring. What happened to the no-look pass? What … Continue reading Basketball

Ethan the entrepreneur

Yesterday, we had a great Mother’s Day. In the morning, we went over to Burlingame (a very nice community that we hope to live in one day). Ethan was petting someone’s dog and said that … Continue reading Ethan the entrepreneur

Calling all Word-Smiths

I volunteered with some people at work to help a non-profit. They provide technology and communications specialists to emergency areas. So if an earthquake hit San Francisco to help drive the prices of homes down, … Continue reading Calling all Word-Smiths

Work Update and Peeing

Work has been really frenetic. So many different projects and so much to do. I got approval to hire and manage a web developer to free up some of my time to work more on … Continue reading Work Update and Peeing

NFL Draft part Duex

When the draft was over, I was thinking about the hundreds of guys who didn’t get picked. On this one single day, they go from their old lives as collegiate superstars to the potential of … Continue reading NFL Draft part Duex

Da Jets (Draft)

For the second time, since I can remember, I am not unhappy after the NFL Draft. The first time was when the Jets selected Abraham, Ellis and Pennington. All good additions. This year the Jets … Continue reading Da Jets (Draft)