Rotten Day

I am having a rotten day. I feel beleaguered and ineffectual. My creative energies are blocked. I can’t problem-solve, which is the only thing that I want to do right now. I feel like everyone … Continue reading Rotten Day

Animal Husbandry

Read this New York Times article if you are married or have a significant other. Katie sent it to me. I am not annoyed at being likened to a circus animal. Quite the contrary. I … Continue reading Animal Husbandry

Scary Story

There once was a boy who was allergic to pollen. He had hay fever. His spine also was a tiny bit curved which made sleeping on a hard surface painful. The boy also had this … Continue reading Scary Story

Bill Gates Departs Microsoft

Bill Gates has announced he is leaving Microsoft to focus full-time on the Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is the most philanthropic human being in history, giving more to charitable causes than anyone before. He puts … Continue reading Bill Gates Departs Microsoft

Usability Week 2006

I have spent most of this week at Usability 2006, which is a conference run by the Nielsen/Norman group. I started at the Usability in Practice sessions but then switched over to Interaction Design. I … Continue reading Usability Week 2006

Hand Gestures

Ok, to set up the story, put your fingers up in the air in a peace sign. (Index and middle finger up, with other fingers down under the thumb). Then point your two fingers towards … Continue reading Hand Gestures

MS Vista Build 5284

Also Known as Vista Beta 2, I have sucessfully installed the operating system. I also have installed the beta of Office 2007. So far, I am pretty excited. The glass interface is very cool. The … Continue reading MS Vista Build 5284

The Miser

Katie and I celebrated out 8th wedding anniversary by going to a nice French (Freedom) Restaurant and watching The Miser by French (Freedom) playwright Molière. The play, at the Berkeley Rep was fantastic. We enjoyed … Continue reading The Miser

Eye Floaters

They are called Vitreous Floaters. There is a whole website dedicated to them. They are the little hairs that you sometimes see floating into your field of vision like little ghosts. When you try to … Continue reading Eye Floaters

Business Writing

There was this award at work. Everyone had to nominate another person and say why they thought that person embodied the corporate values. The Intuit values are actually pretty interesting. I did not win the … Continue reading Business Writing