There is a band called Lipkandy.  That has Lipka in it.  heh heh.


I had previously written (in 2004) that my goal was Wisdom.  I think this was my 26th post.  However, I want to log a few thoughts on intelligence.  I had read somewhere that intelligence is … Continue reading Intelligence

dohwannaseep, Mama

I put Matthew down on his mattress on the floor next to our bed.  He starts chanting. “dohwannaseep, Mama!” “dohwannaseep, Mama!” “dohwannaseep, Mama!” “dohwannaseep, Mama!” “dohwannaseep, Mama!” “dohwannaseep, Mama!” Insistent little guy. In wonderful news, … Continue reading dohwannaseep, Mama

SunSplash Trip

This weekend was non-stop.  We went to Sacramento on Saturday morning and visited the Train Museum.  It was interesting, but didn’t really hold the kids attention for too long.  It was 3900 degrees that day.  … Continue reading SunSplash Trip


Started to read Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Woof, what a name. It is interesting, but I don’t know if I am going to like it. Basically, he is saying that we can control if we … Continue reading Flow

Happy Birthday Matthew!

Ok, this is my new theme.  I hope it works for everyone. Monday was Matthew’s birthday. On Sunday, we all went to Six Flag’s Marine World in Vallejo.  It was pretty fun.  Ethan wanted to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Matthew!


Well, I am still getting used to WordPress. It certainly works better in Firefox than in IE. This theme also works better in Firefox than in IE. There are so many features of this software. … Continue reading WordPress

Blog Migration

I am working on a migration of my blog to WordPress. This is a test. Wow. Ok, test complete. WordPress is pretty cool,although it took me a while to get it up and running. A … Continue reading Blog Migration

The Mystery of the Belly-Button

If you have an Innie belly button: Insert your finger deep into your belly button. Move it around slightly. Now smell your finger. I believe that all human beings cringe at this exercise. (All who … Continue reading The Mystery of the Belly-Button

Year of the JavaScript

2006 can be terms the year JavaScript was reborn. So many great things are happening with JavaScript and the field of interaction design. There are many libraries now that can achieve goals that previously were … Continue reading Year of the JavaScript