Hell in a hand basket

All of the news over the last year has led me to believe we are going to hell in a handbasket. Iraq, killing, fraud, division, gas prices, real estate prices, North Korea, Iran. I think Danny is right that Ken Lay faked his death. I think that gas prices will go over $4. I that…Continue readingHell in a hand basket

Welcome to Disgusting Island!

Welcome to Disgusting Island! I am your host, Mr. O’Rourke. On this island you will see your more disgusting fantasies comes true. Just this week we have seen: Matthew rubbing feces all over his body while on the couch! Diarhea! Jared throwing up in the Dining Room! Jared throwing up in the Kitchen! Messy Diapers!…Continue readingWelcome to Disgusting Island!


I took Ethan and Jared to the Foster City fireworks display last night. We had to park almost a mile away. Luckily I brought their razor’s so they didn’t get tired. We found a nice spot, right in front where we could see the fireworks right over our heads. At about T-15min, they let off…Continue readingFireworks


I took the boys yesterday to see a matinee of Superman Returns. The movie was mediocre, with medium acting. They put Parker Posey as Lex Luthor’s (Kevin Spacey) girlfriend. The other Superman movies made sure to have a buxom blonde in that role. Then then had a cute girl to be Lois Lane. I would…Continue readingSuperJesus