We just got back from a 10 day adventure to the east coast.  We spent the first 5 days in Lake George with Danny, Dad, Me and all wives/kids.  It was a good time.  We … Continue reading Vacation

Books and Good Design

Had a great conversation with Abigail about books.  I suggested The Autobiography of Malcolm X.  Lots happening.  I am out of my regular schedule.  This page from Don Norman caught my eye.  I aspire one day … Continue reading Books and Good Design

Shaved Head

I am thinking I should go Andre Agassi and shave my head.  Or maybe I should just use the buzzer with one spacer and have it super short.  Please vote.  Shaved head or not.

Lorem Ipsum

Many designers use a particular set of latin for "dummy copy".  It starts with, " "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…".  On a lark, I looked up it’s translation on this website.  Apparently, it has been … Continue reading Lorem Ipsum

Empathy in Interaction Design

I just read a passage in the book Flow. (page 148) I had to highlight it. Since childhood he had been fascinated with machinery of every kind. He was especially drawn to anything that wasn’t … Continue reading Empathy in Interaction Design

Quiet Friday

I just got into work.  The floor is dark.  None of the lights are on.  No one is here.  Should I streak down the halls buck nekkit?  Helllloooooooo! (echo) Fridays here are often like this.  … Continue reading Quiet Friday

WordPress Continued

Getting a little comfortable with WordPress now.  The way plugins work is actually pretty easy.  I tried out a whole bunch of standard editor plugins.  The reason for this is that the out-of-the-box WordPress does … Continue reading WordPress Continued


DirecTV sent me a letter.  It looks like they finally figured out the legal issues and now can broadcast local channels in HD.  This has been a big competitive pitch by the cable companies.  So … Continue reading DirecTV HDTV