Audrey Visit and Pictures

We uploaded new pictures to This month we have Audrey visiting us.  Audrey is the woman who took care of Ethan while Katie and I worked at Koko.  She potty trained him and spent a ton of time with him during his developing years.  He didn’t remember her, but they quickly got back into…Continue readingAudrey Visit and Pictures

Bad Week

Having a bad week.  My HTML/CSS is looking ragged.  My head is distracted.  Lots of negative interactions.  It has been hard to keep my head up.  The beard has grown back, which is a good thing, I think.  (Tangent – Remember in The Tick, when the mustache attached itself to the Tick and spoke in…Continue readingBad Week

Jets Break My Heart

The Jets played the dreaded New England Patriots (Hiss! Boo! Rubbish! Filth!) and, of course, lost.  But they didn’t just lose.  They first went down by a lot and then made a nice comeback near the end of the game.  Some great plays, but in the end, they fell short.  It seems that the Jets…Continue readingJets Break My Heart

I am an idiot

Cases in point: 1. I dropped Ethan off at school and lost Jared.  I started to panic and get frantic.  I went to the school office and they put out the APB.  He is quickly found.  Jared, where did you go?  He said, "I had to go poop!"  ugh. The other parents thought I was…Continue readingI am an idiot

Lipka Luck

Of course, the minute I say Storm Large is cool, she gets the old heave ho.  She got kicked off the island!  Her website is unavailable now.  Apparently, it got slammed after her dismissal. Oh well, she still had a few great songs.  Next week is the last show.  Who will win?  I think Toby…Continue readingLipka Luck

Rockstar: Storm Large

I have a guilty pleasure.  It is RockStar SuperNova.  I have to admit, I like it alot.  I didn’t want to like it.  Dave Navaro is retarded and the SuperNova guys (Gilby Clarke, Tommy Lee and Jason Newstead) but damn it, I really am hooked.  I liked Lukas at first, and then I liked Ryan…Continue readingRockstar: Storm Large