Happy McTalkAlot

That is my new nickname for Matthew.  He is so happy and he doesn’t shut up.  He is Happy McTalkAlot.  He is literally manic.  He just BIT Jared this morning!  The three of them are … Continue reading Happy McTalkAlot

Florida Wedding

We just got back from my mom’s wedding in Boca.  It was a nice backyard affair.  Who knew corn beef, pastrami and potato pancakes could work with Sushi and spring rolls?  It was hot for … Continue reading Florida Wedding

New WordPress Plugins

First, I turned off the "must be logged in to write comments" option.  Danny had complained.  Wuss.  So to avoid spam, I tried to turn on Akismet.  I have no idea if this is going … Continue reading New WordPress Plugins

Electric Car!

Check out Tesla Motors! This thing kicks ass. It’s 100% electric. It goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. Top speed of 130mpg. It uses ZERO gas. Charge it and it goes 250 miles. … Continue reading Electric Car!

Designers and Corporate America

Thanks to Rachael Luxemburg for sending me this great article about what I go through. All of the creative community I work with thought it was right on the mark. I am still in love … Continue reading Designers and Corporate America

Virtual Magnifying Glass

Virtual Magnifying Glass/ This is a great tool that will be added to my little utility belt along with TrayColor. They are both free and each one does one thing very well. I love specialized … Continue reading Virtual Magnifying Glass

Negative Voting

I think it would be a great improvement if they changed the voting system so that you could vote AGAINST someone. How many times have you heard someone say, “I dislike both of them, but … Continue reading Negative Voting

Ethan 7

Ethan turned 7 today and we had a very nice day. He got all kinds of presents and lots of phone calls and visitors. He is happy as a clam. I remember when I turned … Continue reading Ethan 7

Best Fight Scenes

Best Fight Ever scenes from the movies: Leroy Green vs. ShoNuff (The Last Dragon) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. The other guy (They Live) Patricia Arquette vs. Tony Soprano (True Romance) Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed … Continue reading Best Fight Scenes

Jets Lose – Kids Grow Up

The Jets lost a killer game yesterday and nearly broke my heart.  The end of the game was riddiculous and had everything except the tuba player. (Inside Joke to football fans.  Ask a man.)  I … Continue reading Jets Lose – Kids Grow Up