Happy McTalkAlot

That is my new nickname for Matthew.  He is so happy and he doesn’t shut up.  He is Happy McTalkAlot.  He is literally manic.  He just BIT Jared this morning!  The three of them are going to beat the living hell out of each other for sure.  But in general, they are happy boys.  Matthew’s demeanor is just absolutely thrilled all the time.

Speaking of thrilled.  I am NOT thrilled with the Jets.  WIN, damn you!  Win!  What does a guy need to do around here?

I played tennis this weekend and played fine.  There was a swim meet happening next door at Burlingame High School.  Man, that place is like a college.  I saw a house for sale there.  2000 sq. ft. and in a nice neighborhood with kids.  $1.3 million.

I can’t afford this area.  I hope Bay Meadows gets torn down and Hecules style houses can be put in and we can move there.  Is this like praying for a Jets win?

Florida Wedding

We just got back from my mom’s wedding in Boca.  It was a nice backyard affair.  Who knew corn beef, pastrami and potato pancakes could work with Sushi and spring rolls?  It was hot for October in Florida so we did some swimming.  We went to the beach once, but it was so nice, I wish we went more.  And we forgot our bathing suits!  Oh well.  Congratulations Nanna!

The flights were OK, but man, I hate flying.  Hate it.  I just hate the whole thing.  I am sick of flying.  I need a vacation from traveling.

During the trip, I finished The Path to Power by Robert Caro.  Great writer.  Best biographer of our age.  Now, I am reading Means of Ascent by him.  He has only written 4 books and this will be the fourth for me.  So I will have to wait for the final installment of his Lyndon Johnson series.  I feel like I know alot about Johnson, but I know very little about his presidency.

After that, it will be a letdown, whatever book I read.  I need to choose that one carefully.

New WordPress Plugins

First, I turned off the "must be logged in to write comments" option.  Danny had complained.  Wuss.  So to avoid spam, I tried to turn on Akismet.  I have no idea if this is going to work.  I shall see.

Then I wanted a WYSIWYG editor for writing posts and I saw this one called ChenPress.  It uses the FCK Editor. It’s not bad.

And to top it off, the ChenPress Editor uses a nice spell checker that is free and usable all over the web.  Check out IESpell !

I may want to allow WYSIWYG editing on the comments, but that is a battle for another day.


Electric Car!

Check out Tesla Motors! This thing kicks ass. It’s 100% electric. It goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. Top speed of 130mpg. It uses ZERO gas. Charge it and it goes 250 miles. It charges by plugging it into the wall. Lotus designed it.

This thing is awesome. Check out their FAQs. So what is the catch? Well, it’s $100,000. Man, I KNEW that something would ruin it. I just pray that one day, a cheap electric mini-can will hit the market.

Still, it’s a sweet car. If you happen to be a millionaire, this car is the new “Tucker”!

Designers and Corporate America

Thanks to Rachael Luxemburg for sending me this great article about what I go through. All of the creative community I work with thought it was right on the mark.

I am still in love with jQuery by the way. It is much easier to deal with than the Jets. I wanted to make a simple script that makes every word next to a radio button clickable and make the radio button select if you do. Here is the jQuery code:


How simple is that?!?!

Speaking of the Jets. They played like crap yesterday. My god, they were embarrassing. And they still won! The only bright spoit was the elbow in the chest that Ben Graham gave that guy after the horrible punt. I like that spirit!

Virtual Magnifying Glass

Virtual Magnifying Glass/

This is a great tool that will be added to my little utility belt along with TrayColor. They are both free and each one does one thing very well. I love specialized software like that. I also saw a preview of Wallop.com. I don’t know if anyone has an account, but it is invite only. I asked for an invitation, who knows. It looked really awesome though. Full Flash interface.

In other UX news, jQuery came out with 1.0.2 with tons of bug fixes. 19k. Great things come in small packages. It is so great when you see great architecture like this.

Negative Voting

I think it would be a great improvement if they changed the voting system so that you could vote AGAINST someone. How many times have you heard someone say, “I dislike both of them, but I hate one of them most.” In the Bush v. Gore/Kerry races, I would have gladly voted against Bush instead of FOR Gore or Kerry. One ‘against’ vote would take a vote away from that candidate.

I think more people would vote with this system where they could vote either negatively or positively. I also think it would send a message to the political parties that the public doesn’t like their candidates even if they won.

In other world news, North Korea exploded a nuclear bomb. I believe we are one step closer to Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. Can’t we all just get along until 2040, when I can replace my body with a nanobot swarm? Ugh.

Ethan 7

Ethan turned 7 today and we had a very nice day. He got all kinds of presents and lots of phone calls and visitors. He is happy as a clam. I remember when I turned 7. I had been changing my ‘lucky number’ each year to match my age. But when I turned 7, I remember saying, “Everyone’s lucky number is 7. I can’t be like everyone else. I will keep my lucky number to be 6.” And it was 6 ever since.

We are getting ready for Halloween. I am not sure what costume I should get this year. I saw a nice monkey suit. We were working on our Halloween post cards and I found this great site. It’s called Fontenstein and they GIVE AWAY all kinds of great Halloween fonts. God bless the Internet. Boo!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Best Fight Scenes

Best Fight Ever scenes from the movies:

  1. Leroy Green vs. ShoNuff (The Last Dragon)
  2. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. The other guy (They Live)
  3. Patricia Arquette vs. Tony Soprano (True Romance)
  4. Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed (Rocky – the one he lost)

What’s on your list?

Jets Lose – Kids Grow Up

The Jets lost a killer game yesterday and nearly broke my heart.  The end of the game was riddiculous and had everything except the tuba player. (Inside Joke to football fans.  Ask a man.)  I could NOT believe they lost.

Work is moving along.  jQuery continues to rock the house.  I wish I was a better programmer.  I could do so much more with this.  My HTML last month stunk.  I kept making rookie mistakes.  Blech.

Matthew is growing in leaps and bounds.  His language is great.  I bought him a Razor.  He is really good at it!  I also bought a ramp for Ethan.  When I was in 1st or 2nd grade in Spring Valley, I built a ramp with Mikey at the end of the drive way out of plywood (or cardboard, can’t remember) and some bricks.  We would go down that middle bit of grass between us and the neighbors and then launch our bodies into oncoming traffic.  The drivers usually yelled at us or something.  Adults, feh.  So anyway, I thought Ethan would be ready for this.  He went over it four times and then said, "Daddy, I think I might be scared of this.  Can we stop?"  I told him, "you can act lika man!!!" then slapped him and made fun of him with a falsetto voice.  "Oh godfather, I don’t know what to do."  No seriously, we packed it up in the garage.  Then we went out and bought WHEEL sneakers.  These are sneakers that have wheels on the bottoms.  I said, "Ethan, is buying this a mistake?"  He said, "Probably, but I want to try them anyway."

Can you ask for any better logic than that???  I don’t think so.  My boys are growing up so quick.  They watched the Jets with me.  They almost were getting into it.