2 weeks

I gave notice to Intuit yesterday.  It is a sad moment for me.  There are some people there that I will miss terribly.  There have been a few people throughout my career that I have just loved working with.Ben Nadel, Tom Quaile, Sean Zimmerman, Florence Tang, Bill Mirbach, Chris Nesladek. These are people I consider…Continue reading2 weeks

Thanksgiving Gala

Thanksgiving was a gala event at the Lipka house.  Scott, Rachel, Jim and Penny were over.  We had turkey and stuffing and lots of yummies.  I am so stuffed.  I must have eaten 40 lbs worth of food.  Katie asked us all to make Haiku’s before dinner.  You can read them on her blog. Yesterday,…Continue readingThanksgiving Gala

Heart Breaker

The Jets beat the Chicago bears, but lost the game.  They outplayed Chicago.  Two critical interceptions in the red zone took away the victory.  My heart sank.  I felt queasy. Stress.  Stress is all around us.  We are disappointed all the time.  It is important not to let this dominate our lives?  So what if…Continue readingHeart Breaker

Make or Break

In many ways, I feel the theme.  Make or Break.  I am reading in my book on Lyndon Johnson how he stole the 1948 Senate election. (Stole, bought, whatever).  I feel professionally that theme in my head.  And of course, the Jets are about to meet their destiny in a stadium in New Jersey, Sunday…Continue readingMake or Break

Prognosticating Part II

The Jets Win!  The Jets Win! The Jets Win!Continue readingPrognosticating Part II


Quicken just launched their new site.  I had nothing to do with it.  Sapient did pretty much all the work.  As an optimist, I wanted them to succeed, but looking at the site, I have trouble getting over some significant issues.  Task completion was definetely not a major part of the thought process.  The amount…Continue readingPrognosticating

Intuit.com Account Management

Some of my work launched today on Intuit.com.  All of the account management features have had an overhaul.  Some improvements: New design makes a frame around account management to clearly identify it Dynamic error messaging/field validation. Better Credit Card Info Management. Order Status/History page redesign. Email template enhancements. Better workflow. Bigger buttons! We eliminated a…Continue readingIntuit.com Account Management