jQuery Test

I have lots of experiments for jQuery that I made years ago. I wonder if they are helpful to anyone.  Feel free to use: http://www.commadot.com/jquery/

jQuery for WordPress 2.1

I have lots of experiments for jQuery that I made years ago. I wonder if they are helpful to anyone. Feel free to use: http://www.commadot.com/jquery/

WordPress 2.1

Ok, I FINALLY upgraded my WordPress 2.0.2 to 2.1.  I was so scared of messing it up, but apparently it worked fine.  I just followed the instructions.   It’s got lots of improvements. I am … Continue reading WordPress 2.1


http://www.getfirebug.com/ This plugin is just awesome for Firefox. It does everything I want to help figure out how a page is put together.  I suggest it for every developer out there. Other software stuff:  Adobe … Continue reading FireBug

TurboTax Tests

Some of the UX Designs I made for TurboTax are going live.   I HAD temporary links.  Some people at Intuit who shall remain nameless have objected to showing them. So I am going to make local copies … Continue reading TurboTax Tests

My gifted boys

The three of them are doing great.  Ethan is reading chapter books like The Hobbit!  He is also doing 3rd grade math, like long multiplication.  I taught him how to read a clock in one … Continue reading My gifted boys

Big Brother

How awesome is this?!? It's a view of Microsoft Live that has a flyby photo of my house.  Super resolution!  This is way better than Google Maps!


Ok, so I redirected http://pictures.kokopop.com to go to the new place.  I like it, but I still have some reservations.  Plus we need to tag and upload about 6 gigs of photos.  Ugh! Additionally, I … Continue reading Pictures

2007 Prediction

This may be the only prediction of its kind in the world. Vinny Testaverde will replace Tom Brady this playoff season at some point and lead the New England Patriots to a Superbowl win.  Tom … Continue reading 2007 Prediction

Picasa Plan Part Three

Check out this: http://picasaweb.google.com/glenlipka Ok, so it would cost me for the storage.  They have a really crappy deal in comparison to Flickr.  But I am REALLY happy with the way Picasa integrates with it.  … Continue reading Picasa Plan Part Three