Exchange 2007

Microsoft, I believe, has made a mistake.  The new version of Exchange 2007 ONLY runs on 64-bit operating systems.  As someone who has installed Windows 64-bit edition, I can say, "It sucks."  Nothing works right.  … Continue reading Exchange 2007

Jets and Microsoft

The Jets lost, but they had a great season.  Very young team.  I am anticipating a good draft and a strong season next year.  I am very happy with their performance.  I am happy to … Continue reading Jets and Microsoft

Picasa Plan Part Two

All is going well.  This page was helpful.  I have a decent template.  Although there are some little parts that I am unhappy with. Check out the first try: You know lately Powweb has … Continue reading Picasa Plan Part Two

Picasa Plan Part One

I got little sleep last night.  Right before going to sleep, Katie said, "I think has a bad user experience."  I tried to go to sleep, but couldn't.  She was correct.  It was limited.  … Continue reading Picasa Plan Part One


I am liking this theme for WordPress.  I am changing (as you might have noticed) the picture above each post from What do you think? I have been getting more and more into Search … Continue reading Theme

Happy New Year

Back to work.  Learning more and more about online advertising.  Reading The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords.  It's really poorly written.  I don't suggest it.  But I am gleaning info.  I really need to become … Continue reading Happy New Year