Stacking Cups This is insane.  We are the most competitive society EVER.  The things we do to feel competition.  Look at that kid crying! I am all in favor of being competitive, but stacking cups?  Come on.  I mean…come ON.Continue readingStacking Cups

Negative Posts

My wife often tells me.  Never say anything bad about anyone or anything ever.  And ESPECIALLY not in print, email or blog.  She is wise.  It reminded me of the first days of I am starting to copy in those posts and edit the timestamp to match the original. Hmm, I wonder…Continue readingNegative Posts

Open Source Style

Ive been working hard trying to learn how to do what came so naturally and easy to me in jQuery in YUI and YUI-ext.  I have been scouring the forums and the documentation.  I can’t understand any of it.  It just isn’t designed for a non-programmer.  But I have no choice.  YUI-ext is the framework…Continue readingOpen Source Style

jQuery & YUI-ext

The jQuery team has announced that Jack Slocum is planning to release a 1.0 version of his impressive YUI-ext project and a plugin for jQuery. Jack Slocum is a force of nature in the JavaScript library community. Not only are his components feature-rich, but they are beautifully designed with a real sense of style and…Continue readingjQuery & YUI-ext

A funny thing happened on the way to the funeral

The trip was a comedy of errors from start to finish. Original plans: SFO to Dallas to Indianapolis then drive to New Albany Indiana (near Louisville).  Return Friday.We get to the airport LATE as usual.  They tell us, "Doesn’t matter.  Indianapolis is closed.  Don’t go to Dallas."  We comply and get rescheduled for a few hours…Continue readingA funny thing happened on the way to the funeral

User Access Control – Vista

I installed Vista on Katie’s laptop and my desktop.  We had to upgrade Katie’s ram because it was running SO SLOW at 1G, so we went to 1.5G.  The installation was a pain in the ass.  First of all, it wouldn’t let me upgrade from XP Pro to Home Premium.  I had to do a…Continue readingUser Access Control – Vista

Ode to Alice

Alice (Katie’s grandmother) died this week. She was a feisty old woman. She would would have turned 100 this year. I remember so vividly he telling Ben at Christmas, "I’m a wrapper!!" and crossing her fingers in a gang sign. She told great stories like when the first car arrived in town. She spoke alot…Continue readingOde to Alice

Xinha 4 WordPress

I tried out Xinha 4 WordPress, but it didn’t quite work the way I wanted.  I am unhappy with all of these editors. 🙁 Now I am trying Code Markup.  It supposedely makes it so I can put in code snippets easier. Continue readingXinha 4 Wordpress

Technology Stuff

Using Script tags in WordPress is a pain in the ass.  They have a visual tab and a code tab, but the code tab does some strange parsing.  I want a REALLY code tab where I can type it in exactly as a want it.  I now have to look around for different WYSIWYG Editors…Continue readingTechnology Stuff