JavaScript renaissance

JavaScript Libraries are definetely changing the way developers approach the client-side.  Richness in the UI is becomming easier and easier.  (Remember designers: With great UI power comes great UI responsibility.) What is happening now is … Continue reading JavaScript renaissance

TurboTax rap

David Foltz over at Turbotax pointed me at this video.  I think it’s brilliant.  Apparently they are having a content for the best Turbotax rap.  Now that is some inspired marketing.  They should put this … Continue reading TurboTax rap

My Whole Body Hurts

My whole body hurts.  It hurts to type.  I played tennis yesterday and today for 2.5 hours each.  I joined a 4.0-4.5 league.  The competition seems right. My physical game is ok, but my mental … Continue reading My Whole Body Hurts

A wonderful thing has happened!

I was checking email this morning with Matthew on my lap.  He slid off and sat under Katie’s desk.  I immediately recognized this action.  He needed to go #2!  So I jumped up and said, … Continue reading A wonderful thing has happened!

Book, by Glen Lipka

I am interested in writing a book.  It’s hard to get started and get organized.  The theme of the book is this: People who know HTML and CSS, but are newbies or know nothing about … Continue reading Book, by Glen Lipka


It was 12 years ago tomorrow, St. Patricks Day.  I went downtown in NYC with my cousin Andy.  We hit Jack Dempseys Bar.  Is that the right one?  I saw this girl across the room … Continue reading Meet-aversary

Microsoft Vista UX Report

I saw this article while searching for the use of animated logos as "please wait" icons. It is part of a larger UX guidelines kit from MS regarding VIsta. Amazingly, it is quite objective and … Continue reading Microsoft Vista UX Report


I used to slam LinkedIn for being too complicated.  It was so hard to just get up and running because you needed to know everyone’s email.  However, after using it for a little while, it … Continue reading LinkedIn

This is my idea for a cool site that would help alot of people.  The URL is available now:  It would have sections for all the javascript frameworks.  The idea is to have similar … Continue reading

What “Bee” the problem?

Something is definetely going on.  Bees have disappeared all over America.  This is not cool.  A third of all of our agriculture depends on these little creatures.  We are not ready to deploy millions … Continue reading What “Bee” the problem?