JavaScript renaissance

JavaScript Libraries are definetely changing the way developers approach the client-side.  Richness in the UI is becomming easier and easier.  (Remember designers: With great UI power comes great UI responsibility.) What is happening now is an explosion of different libraries that all do similar things in different ways.  Of course, I am a staunch support…Continue readingJavaScript renaissance

TurboTax rap

David Foltz over at Turbotax pointed me at this video.  I think it’s brilliant.  Apparently they are having a content for the best Turbotax rap.  Now that is some inspired marketing.  They should put this on TV.  Their regular commercials are boring and stale. The work I did with Turbotax last year has been tested this season.  Although…Continue readingTurboTax rap

My Whole Body Hurts

My whole body hurts.  It hurts to type.  I played tennis yesterday and today for 2.5 hours each.  I joined a 4.0-4.5 league.  The competition seems right. My physical game is ok, but my mental game is horrible.  I am constantly trying to STOP thinking about my game.  Whenever I am thinking about my game,…Continue readingMy Whole Body Hurts

A wonderful thing has happened!

I was checking email this morning with Matthew on my lap.  He slid off and sat under Katie’s desk.  I immediately recognized this action.  He needed to go #2!  So I jumped up and said, "Come on Matt, let’s go sit on the potty."  I put him on the throne and he looked at me…Continue readingA wonderful thing has happened!

Book, by Glen Lipka

I am interested in writing a book.  It’s hard to get started and get organized.  The theme of the book is this: People who know HTML and CSS, but are newbies or know nothing about JavaScript can create nice looking but static websites.  They can’t add interactivity unless an engineer helps them out.  I was…Continue readingBook, by Glen Lipka


It was 12 years ago tomorrow, St. Patricks Day.  I went downtown in NYC with my cousin Andy.  We hit Jack Dempseys Bar.  Is that the right one?  I saw this girl across the room smiling at me.  I asked Andy if he knew her.  he said, "Her name is Kathy, and her friend is…Continue readingMeet-aversary

Microsoft Vista UX Report

I saw this article while searching for the use of animated logos as "please wait" icons. It is part of a larger UX guidelines kit from MS regarding VIsta. Amazingly, it is quite objective and even harsh against certain Microsoft tendencies.  I think it’s awesome that a company can be that objective and publish "bad…Continue readingMicrosoft Vista UX Report


I used to slam LinkedIn for being too complicated.  It was so hard to just get up and running because you needed to know everyone’s email.  However, after using it for a little while, it has grown on me.  It has nice features and a crisp design.  Several UX things they do, I have adopted…Continue readingLinkedIn

This is my idea for a cool site that would help alot of people.  The URL is available now:  It would have sections for all the javascript frameworks.  The idea is to have similar or identical challenges with the different implementations from the different JS Framework communities.  So, for example, there would be a…Continue

What “Bee” the problem?

Something is definetely going on.  Bees have disappeared all over America.  This is not cool.  A third of all of our agriculture depends on these little creatures.  We are not ready to deploy millions of nanobots either!  We are not far enough along to make “The Age of Spiritual Machines” a reality.  I knew…Continue readingWhat “Bee” the problem?