Jets Draft 2007

I was close with my prediction. Adam Carriker went one spot before the Jets pick. I have mixed feelings about the draft. They got decent players, who will most likely start. But they also gave … Continue reading Jets Draft 2007

Crashing IE7

I accidentally crashed IE7. I narrowed down the code to be a CSS issue. It’s surprisingly simple and very annoying. Code: Crashes IE7 Link2 Is span not allow to self close? Lame.

Holy YouTube!

Ok, I know I posted 10 minutes ago.  But I have been looking at YouTube.  WOW.  There is some amazing stuff here. Look at these kickass athletes!  The guy at the top in UNREAL!  Less … Continue reading Holy YouTube!

My First YouTube

Trying to upload my first YouTube and embed it here. Of course, the editor is not helping. Let’s see if this works. It’s an old video of Ethan Dancing to Happy Days.

Mighty Joe Biden

Nice article on MSNBC about Joe Biden.  Joe is the man!  Too bad he hasn’t had any Joe-menutum.  I fully support his viewpoint on Iraq.  Here is a quote from the sentate floor. “History suggests … Continue reading Mighty Joe Biden

Google Analytics

I put the urchin.js file on commadot a month ago.  It is a little file that tells Google everything that is happening on this page.  It’s quite amazing actually.  Really solid user interface. (Much better … Continue reading Google Analytics

Background-position-y: Firefox Fails!

I am trying to switch to the technique of 1 giant icons file.  I didn’t like the opacity filter for the disabled elements.  I really wanted grayscale.  So I had to use duplicate images.  I … Continue reading Background-position-y: Firefox Fails!

The UX of the Direct Marketing Page

From the legendary Bill Mirbach: …. so here’s today’s high-value trivia question. this “website”, if you can call it that, sells product. navigation …. not. is there anything other than the straight down approach … Continue reading The UX of the Direct Marketing Page

Concatenation of Images

Great article about using concatenation of images.  I have been doing this for a while.  For me, a major trick is to make sure that the images still look good even though they might be … Continue reading Concatenation of Images

CSS Floats, Inlines and Centering

This problem is driving me nuts. I want to make a yellow box with a red border. (Must be two divs).  I want to be able to move the yellow box and change its … Continue reading CSS Floats, Inlines and Centering