Google Maps Street View

Wow!  This is unbelievable.  Check out the new preview of Google Maps – Street View.  Here is a picture of the old Koko Interactive offices.  This is where Katie and I lived when we first … Continue reading Google Maps Street View

Book Writing Weekend and PNG fixes

I skipped Memorial day festivities this weekend to focus on writing the book and preparing the presentation for AjaxExperience 2007.  I was pretty productive, but felt I could have been more so.  It was hard … Continue reading Book Writing Weekend and PNG fixes

Ajax Experience 2007

I am working now on my Ajax Experience 2007 presentation.  Title: jQuery for Designers. You can see my bio and presentation abstract on their site: The presentationis moving along, although I definetely feel nervous.  … Continue reading Ajax Experience 2007

Windows Server 2008

Information provided by I read the top ten new features of Windows Server 2008.  To sum them up: runs a little faster crashes a little less lots of enterprise benefits nice things for people … Continue reading Windows Server 2008

jQuery Forms

I have been working on some forms for Marketo. Mostly shopping cart stuff to get signed up. It’s been a while since I really dove into jQuery to do some deep interaction design. Take a … Continue reading jQuery Forms

35 and Still Alive

The kids sang to me this morning: Happy Birthday to you. You live in a zoo. You smell like a monkey, and you look like one too. Good boys. Today is a beautiful day. Predictions … Continue reading 35 and Still Alive

Debugging Notes

Some debugging complaints: Safari sucks.  There is no Firebug or IE Developer for Safari.  There is this thing called Webkit, but I can’t figure out how it works.  What the hell Apple?  Why do you … Continue reading Debugging Notes Launched (The comapny I work for as UX Architect) is launching their flagship product and public site this week.  Uses a bunch of jQuery, Tabs Plugin, Validation Plugin and Scrolling Promo Effect.  Design was by (upon … Continue reading Launched

Exciting News

Exciting news: The book publisher has green lit my book. I am starting to write it now. It is about jQuery and how it empowers designers. I will give a better summary after I work … Continue reading Exciting News

New Host –

I just finished moving my host from Powweb.  It went pretty smoothly, well, for the part that I did.  I still need to move all my other stuff. I chose  Speed, my number 1 … Continue reading New Host –