I still feel terrible. Coughing. Can’t breathe. It’s amazing how a little thing like breathing can sap your creative energy. This cough has been nagging me for over a week. I am afraid that I … Continue reading Concentration

Hybrid Cars

Articles like this make me sick. It’s saying, the only reason people by hybrids is to say to their neighbor, “See, I am saving the world!”. While this may be true, it still is ugly … Continue reading Hybrid Cars

Personal Research Agenda

Brad Neuberg posted this awesome vision statement on his blog. Well, it’s not really a vision statement, but it felt like it so I will call it that.  It made me sit and think about … Continue reading Personal Research Agenda

Pixeur Color Picker

For about a decade now, I have used TrayColor as a must-have utility to pick colors off the screen and get their HEX for html and css.  It’s tiny, works perfectly, sits in the tray.  … Continue reading Pixeur Color Picker

Horizontal Menus

This is a great effect for a menu, with lots of easy customization.  It’s called LavaLamp. (jQuery Plugin) I wonder if it could be made into a vertical menu.  I would use it on the … Continue reading Horizontal Menus

The UX of Google Calendars

Katie is the master of our domain.  She maintains the family finances and schedules.  She is the COO, CFO and CEO of the house.  (I am the CTO)  Recently, we have had the need to … Continue reading The UX of Google Calendars

Family Visit from Hell

Warning:  This post may make you sick.  First Daniel, Lindy and Molly had a horrible time getting a flight to the west coast.  Then when they finally got on a plane (last one of the … Continue reading Family Visit from Hell

Vista Hyperbolic Error

I got this error in Vista yesterday. I closed the error, closed my other programs and rebooted. Was it really Catastrophic? Come on. Whoever writes these errors is not thinking. A user doesn’t want to … Continue reading Vista Hyperbolic Error


The last few days I have been using Microsoft Media Player to listen to music while I work. Specifically, I have been trying their iTunes competitor called Urge. I signed up, but went for the … Continue reading Urge

Uptime Stats – Consumers Unite!

I really have come to enjoy and appreciate the service SiteUptime. They will ping a site and keep track of whether it displays in a browser. The first site is free with 15 minute checks. … Continue reading Uptime Stats – Consumers Unite!