The UX of Required Fields

I was recently asked: I was wondering if you could tell me if there is a “proper” or generally acceptable way to denote required fields on a form. Label* Field *Label Field Label *Field I … Continue reading The UX of Required Fields

jQuery UI and the UX of Demos

jQuery has announced a new user interface components package called jQuery UI. It is a pretty impressive set of widgets and components to make a rich user interface. It also consolidates alot of various plugins … Continue reading jQuery UI and the UX of Demos

The UX of Podcast Players

I have been frustrated with maintaining the podcast player on See example on this page. (Click Podcast on the left). The UX was good, in that it zoomed up gracefully and played. However, the … Continue reading The UX of Podcast Players

jQuery spring cleaning

jQuery just recently released their 1.2 version.  This spurred me to get some of my mini-projects done and clean up my cookbook area.  I also FINALLY figured out how to Gzip my JavaScript files.  There … Continue reading jQuery spring cleaning

Getting something accomplished

I have so many open projects right now.  It makes it impossible to finish anything.  I think it’s important to start a job and finish it, no matter how small the project is, just to … Continue reading Getting something accomplished


Do not ask for whom the Jets lose.  They lose for me.  I know it’s just the first game, and they did play the team favored to win the Superbowl, but I was really hoping … Continue reading Tennis->Football

The UX of Google Reader

I am seeing a trend.  It seems all the new good software is from Google.  Recently, I realized that I read alot of blogs.  I was getting annoyed that I had to go to so … Continue reading The UX of Google Reader

Digg for People

At first, I thought, “Yeah, that would be nice.  Digg for people.  Like a digital “Thank You”.  I did a quick Google and saw that a company is doing that for some people.  The comments … Continue reading Digg for People

Google Office (Online)

The technology is getting better and better.  Google is announcing a version of PowerPoint and Wiki software in the next few weeks/months.  I think this is a turning point for the industry.  I have already … Continue reading Google Office (Online)

The UX of AutoComplete

Autocomplete is one of those UI widgets that can revolutionize an application. Jörn Zaefferer has developed a beautiful lightweight version of autocomplete for jQuery. In my Marketo app, I am heavily using Jack Slocum’s EXT … Continue reading The UX of AutoComplete