Some blog tweaks

Yesterday, our house guest, Jörn, showed me how to change the URLs on WordPress. The old links still work, but now the new links will show up better in other places, like Google Analytics. You … Continue reading Some blog tweaks

Project Estimates

My experience with project estimates and scope can be summed up by the following chart. Of course the actual chart has way more uphill bumps and a much longer tail. But basically, the project starts, … Continue reading Project Estimates

Problem Solving

Last night I was struggling with a problem that refused to budge. I was very confident in the beginning. Of course, Internet Explorer just refused to cooperate and Firefox was just fine. The problem kept … Continue reading Problem Solving

View Generated Source in IE

I found this easy way to view generated source in IE. Type this in the browser: javascript:'<xmp>’ + window.document.body.outerHTML+ ‘</xmp>’ Why is Microsoft NOT building developer tools for IE? It’s making me sick. Firebug was … Continue reading View Generated Source in IE

Dabble Dabble, program and trouble

I often see technology out there that is solid, but lacking a tiny bit of the details from a UX perspective.  Or I would like to extend it a little bit more for a UX … Continue reading Dabble Dabble, program and trouble

The UX of Trees – Design Pattern

I actually am having trouble finding a decent Design Pattern for a Tree.  A tree is a critical user interface element and is being used more and more on applications.  Since, I can’t find one, … Continue reading The UX of Trees – Design Pattern


I am working on a page with a small bit of JavaScript written by someone else. They are in the Pre-jQUery era. It’s all old and crusty code that is hard to read. I think … Continue reading Pre-jQuery

The UX of InfoSelect

I have been getting a little bit on a roll with the book. I got one chapter approved and another chapter written in first draft form. I like the style of it. I hope the … Continue reading The UX of InfoSelect Wishlist

I don’t know exactly why, but I made an Wishlist. I was writing my book and got to a stopping point and wanted to see what did for some UI thing. And I … Continue reading Wishlist

The UX of Ikea Directions

My bosses recently purchased an Ikea couch.  I won’t go into all the details, but here is the salient point:  The directions did not have a single word.  All pictures.  I liked it very much.  … Continue reading The UX of Ikea Directions