The UX of California Propositions

California is a pain in the ass.  They have these propositions and initiatives and special elections ALL THE TIME.  Every single time we have to vote, they ask us questions that we can not answer.  … Continue reading The UX of California Propositions

Where is the new stuff?

I had a crazy weekend. Funeral in Florida, then holiday preparations. I am so beat. however, I had an interesting conversation with Bill Johnston about the state of technology. Bill worked for Lawrence Berkeley labs, … Continue reading Where is the new stuff?

The coolest thing on the web

I had a dream last night.  Someone asked what was the coolest thing on the web.  I interpreted the question to be specific to a web service like Gmail, Yahoo, Wikipedia, or anything “hosted”.  The … Continue reading The coolest thing on the web


The last two years has been a major education for me in Marketing.  First at Intuit, where I felt the entire organization is run by the Marketing Department.  I felt that the main goal of … Continue reading Marketing

Favorite Present and other stuff

At dinner, Jared likes to pick a “theme” that we can talk about.  I asked the family, “What was your favorite present ever?”  Jared looked at me and thought.  Finally, he said, “George Washington!”  It … Continue reading Favorite Present and other stuff


Just finished watching Superbad from Netflix.  At first I thought it was funny.  There were some scenes that I laughed out loud.  Couldn’t breathe sort of laughing.  Katie was laughing too.  Then after a while, … Continue reading SuperBad

The Magic Triangle

In technology development, there is a famous triangle.  It shows how you prioritize your efforts.  By focusing in one area, you mess up another.  It is a brutal game that never has a happy ending.  … Continue reading The Magic Triangle

Too Many hats!

Marketo is starting to launch into beta, bringing on a few customers at a time.  It’s a stressful time for all as there is so much left to do and so many details.  I really … Continue reading Too Many hats!

The sneaky minds of 3-year old boys

Katie and I were in bed talking after a long day.  The door was not shut all the way, just most of the way.  We had a light on and were chatting.  I heard the … Continue reading The sneaky minds of 3-year old boys

CompUSA Closing

CompUSA is closing it’s doors.  Apparently they are being liquidated.  So now is the time to purchase electronics if one is near you.  Maybe a color printer! It’s amazing to me how long it takes … Continue reading CompUSA Closing