The UX of Large Tasks

I notice that I often avoid certain large tasks because I know I don’t have time to complete them.  If I have a meeting in 30 minutes, I don’t want to open up PowerPoint and … Continue reading The UX of Large Tasks

Refactor, Rebuild, Restructure.

There is a product development philosophy that I strongly believe in, especially for the Software-As-Service world (a.k.a. Extranet).  I call that philosophy the “Pendulum”.  The pendulum oscillates between features and quality in a product.  A … Continue reading Refactor, Rebuild, Restructure.

The State of the Craft (HTML)

I just recently saw this posting by Eric Meyer on how browser makers and big companies interact and how browsers (and developers) are put in a bad situation.  The short version is: Browser makers want … Continue reading The State of the Craft (HTML)

The UX of Sunday Sushi

Every Sunday, I have extr time with the kids.  We want to go into town nd do  little shopping.  Yet, every Sunday, I forget that most stores are closed.  Our favorite Sushi place is closed.  … Continue reading The UX of Sunday Sushi

Barack Obama = Bill Bradley?

I remember the 2000 primaries.  Al Gore was battling Bill Bradley.  I don’t remember all of the details, but specifically, I remember feeling guilty after the election.  I thought, Bill Bradley would have been a … Continue reading Barack Obama = Bill Bradley?

The UX of Forums

Forums have led a strange existence on the web for a long time.  I have seen the evolution from AOL and bulletin boards to more sophisticated technologies with lots of features.  The problem is, I … Continue reading The UX of Forums

The UX of Web Browsing on the Wii

Recently, we got the Wii for the family.  It has been a really interesting and well designed experience so far.  Alot of great innovations are baked into this thing.  The last week, we added a … Continue reading The UX of Web Browsing on the Wii


Apparently a very old post of mine is on StubleUpon.  Wow, this is from December of 2005.  This link drove almost 200 visitors to the page.  I haven’t ever used StumbleUpon before.  I know what … Continue reading StumbleUpon

The UX of Toys R Us

Toys R Us’ website sucks.  I have been trying to buy a Wii controller using some gift cards for weeks from them.  Here is the pattern of my unhappiness: Search stinks.  If I search for … Continue reading The UX of Toys R Us

Bush v. Clinton

The Dow Jones Industrial Average took a plunge this morning.  It got me thinking.  I wonder what the Dow looks like for the last 16 years.  8 years of Bill Clinton and 8 years (almost) … Continue reading Bush v. Clinton