Bad Allergies

Wow, today is a terrible allergy day.  I took a claritin, but I still feel awful.  Maybe this is punishment for being mean to Katie.  She deserves better.  I woke up and my eyes immediately … Continue reading Bad Allergies


Women!  Am I right?  yes, I am right. Typically, I don’t find this sort of thing amusing, but this one really made me laugh. It made me think of Katie.  She has so much crap … Continue reading Women!

The UX of 36

I turned 36 yesterday.  The day started off rough with a huge mistake I made and some scrambling to fix it.  It kept going with details and a million things to deal with.  I got … Continue reading The UX of 36

I can’t get this commercial out of my head. Make it stop.

The UX of Firefox 3 (RC)

Mozilla just posted a Release Candidate of Firefox 3.  I had installed a beta a while back but things have changed much.  The browser doesn’t crash on me anymore, but more importantly, everything that uses … Continue reading The UX of Firefox 3 (RC)

Cross-client HTML Email v2

UPDATED HERE As previously posted 6 months ago, I had been working on a solid design for HTML emails that would work in every client.  The design of that email worked pretty well.  However, since … Continue reading Cross-client HTML Email v2

The UX of Google Maps – Real Estate

Go to and search for your house. Then click “Show search options” to the right of the search box. Notice the box “Restrict Results to:” Change the box to “Real Estate” Click search again … Continue reading The UX of Google Maps – Real Estate


I love detective work, figuring out how things work.  Here is a quick sample. Rey Bango (proud new papa) posted about a plugin called ShareThis.  The reason he posted it was because they are using … Continue reading ShareThis

Dan in Real Life

Katie and I just finished watching Dan In Real Life.  We liked the movie very much.  It was a little formulaic,  but the direction, acting and writing were good enough to overcome the formula.  The … Continue reading Dan in Real Life

The UX of Web Reading

Rachel Luxemburg was kind enough to forward me this report from Jakob Nielsen on how people read on the web. I have always known that people do not read a web page the way they … Continue reading The UX of Web Reading