Memories and Technology

Back when I had more hair.  Jared looks so happy.  Time flies. I got a new scanner, the CanoScan 4400F.  So far, it’s pretty impressive.  I am scanning Katie and my wedding album.  Ahh memories … Continue reading Memories and Technology

Review: Designing the Obvious

I just finished the book, Designing the Obvious by Robert Hoekman, Jr.  Although I appreciated his overall view and the points he was making, I just thought the book fell a little flat for me.  … Continue reading Review: Designing the Obvious

WordPress 2.6 and Gravatar

Wow, that was fast.  WordPress 2.6 is released.  I actually had trouble with it for the first time ever.  I downloaded the ZIP file and it had errors.  I then tried the TAR file and … Continue reading WordPress 2.6 and Gravatar