Miles: Sometimes you gotta say “What the F**k”, make your move. Joel, every now and then, saying “What the F**k”, brings freedom. Freedom brings opportunity, opportunity brings freedom. So your parents are going out of … Continue reading Decisions

Memories and Technology

Back when I had more hair.  Jared looks so happy.  Time flies. I got a new scanner, the CanoScan 4400F.  So far, it’s pretty impressive.  I am scanning Katie and my wedding album.  Ahh memories … Continue reading Memories and Technology

Review: Designing the Obvious

I just finished the book, Designing the Obvious by Robert Hoekman, Jr.  Although I appreciated his overall view and the points he was making, I just thought the book fell a little flat for me.  … Continue reading Review: Designing the Obvious

WordPress 2.6 and Gravatar

Wow, that was fast.  WordPress 2.6 is released.  I actually had trouble with it for the first time ever.  I downloaded the ZIP file and it had errors.  I then tried the TAR file and … Continue reading WordPress 2.6 and Gravatar

Upgrades – Trillian/WordPress

I love upgrades. Trillian Astra just sent an update that allows me to see when someone is STARTING a message to me.  I love this feature.  I am so excited about it.  Whenever I see … Continue reading Upgrades – Trillian/WordPress

Theme Weekend

I’m definetely pissing Katie off this weekend.  I never have time during the week for this, so I have to do it now.  Plus, since I am by the computer, I am moving a bunch … Continue reading Theme Weekend

Experimenting with New Theme

There is one thing I love more than anything else, and that’s Katie.  However, a close second runner-up is trying new software.  I love new software.  I love trying new things.  I am addicted to … Continue reading Experimenting with New Theme

My WordPress theme

I have been getting tired of my WordPress theme. I have zero time to do anything about it.  However, I saw a theme that I kinda liked.  It’s called Lemon Twist.  It uses PNG files … Continue reading My WordPress theme

Some UX Rules

I have been compiling some UX rules in my head getting ready for my AjaxExperience talk in October.  Here are some that I have.  Not too much detail here, I will expand on them at … Continue reading Some UX Rules

Interface Driven Requirements Docs

I use Powerpoint 2007 to do all my prototyping and requirements.  It’s a great tool.  Much much better than PPT 2003.  Over the last 18 months, I have used this technique to great success.  Check … Continue reading Interface Driven Requirements Docs