The UX of the new jQuery website

jQuery relaunched their website.  See site here. The comments on the post are fascinating.  The re-design immediately erupted a firestorm of “Yay!” and “Yuck!” proclamations.  Issues such as how professional (or not) it looked or … Continue reading The UX of the new jQuery website

Email Best Practices

Every few months, I find the time to update the cross-client html template.  Again, I used the returnPath tool to help me get a handle on best practices.  I improved it over the previous one … Continue reading Email Best Practices

Screen Capture for Mac OS X

I don’t often look at Mac software.  However, today I was helping someone try to find the equivelent of Snagit for the Mac.  Here is what we found: First is Snagit.  Yes, they are considering … Continue reading Screen Capture for Mac OS X

Design is

Nice collection of quotes about Design. Here is mine: Design is Decisions. I love to point out all the decisions around us that create our environment to my kids.  We are surrounded by decisions of … Continue reading Design is

Scaling User Interfaces

The Mozilla Labs UX series is really interesting.  Great use of community to get ideas for the next generation of the browser.  I think they should use something similar to ideaExchange, but that is another … Continue reading Scaling User Interfaces

WordPress Themes & Watches

A long time ago I heard a comment about watches.  You can tell alot about someone from the watch they wear.  Watches aren’t like clothes where you pick a different outfit every day.  It lasts … Continue reading WordPress Themes & Watches

Future Browsing Idea – Server Accounts

Mozilla is a cool insitution.  I dig what they are doing.  This is a perfect example.  They are asking for prototypes or ideas about the future of web browsing.  I find many of the ideas … Continue reading Future Browsing Idea – Server Accounts

The UX of the San Mateo County Fair

This weekend is just me and the boys.  It is not terribly hard, but we are watching way more TV than usual.  I am tired and my brain doesn’t work as well.  Katie feels this … Continue reading The UX of the San Mateo County Fair

Matthew Drivers License

They give these out at Matthew’s preschool for passing a tricycle test. Great smile. He saw it and said, “I’m wearing my monkey shirt there.” Pretty good for a 4 year old.

The UX of Large Tree Navigation

I have recently fallen in love with a new UI tool for large trees.  There are numerous examples of applications that need this.  Any application that has a tree on the left with more than … Continue reading The UX of Large Tree Navigation