The UX of Wagonwheel Projects

There is an old story I tell to describe a common engineering project that goes wrong. The Setup A customer wanted us to build a content management system for them.  They insisted we use Linux/Perl … Continue reading The UX of Wagonwheel Projects

The SuperDiv – Getting Closer

Liquid Canvas is the closest thing I have seen yet to my dream of a SuperDiv. The SuperDiv is a DIV that I can apply styles like: Rounded Corners Shadows/Glows Fades Transparencies Of course, there … Continue reading The SuperDiv – Getting Closer

The UX of UltraClean Floss

I love when things are designed well. Recently, I had my teeth cleaned.  I don’t go to the dentist enough, but when I do, I usually get all serious about my teeth for a few … Continue reading The UX of UltraClean Floss

Tilt-Shift Photography

I had never heard of Tilt-Shift Photography before.  This smashing magazine article on it is fascinating.  It’s all optical illusions using focus/blur.  I love it.  Check out the time-lapse stuff at the bottom.  It blows … Continue reading Tilt-Shift Photography

jQuery Lightbox

I don’t have the opportunity to use plugins as much as I would like.  Today, I stumbled upon one that I think has excellent UX.  It is the jQuery LightBox.  Keyboard shortcuts, nice fade transitions, … Continue reading jQuery Lightbox

Reframing Gay Marriage

I just finished reading the very short (100 pages) book called Don’t think of an Elephant by George Lakoff.  I thought it was excellent and highly recomend it.  I want to try it out. Proposition … Continue reading Reframing Gay Marriage

Mr. Fusion

Remember in Back to the Future when Doc fed his car garbage and it turned it into energy?  It was called Mr. Fusion.  I thought, “What a great idea!  Trun garbage into energy!” Well, they … Continue reading Mr. Fusion

Email Template with 3D Effect

This one is inspired from a picture I saw with a shadow on the bottom.  The shadow doesn’t go all the way up, so I don’t have to worry about repeating background images.  It was … Continue reading Email Template with 3D Effect

TinyMCE and WordPress

Hmm, I seemed to have broken my wordpress editor.  It started with me trying to install the plugin to make the comments allow rich text editing.  This threw an error about some lang function not … Continue reading TinyMCE and WordPress

Commadot Theme Part I

The sandbox is pretty easy to work with.  I haven’t checked it in IE6, but things seem to be going smoothly.  I decided a “cloud” motif. The truth is, I am not much of a … Continue reading Commadot Theme Part I