Presentations, Feb 2009

I love talking to groups about user experience.  It is so much fun.   Slideshow behind me and eyeballs in front, it is energizing and fun.  I wish I could do it all day long. … Continue reading Presentations, Feb 2009

The UX of the Muppets

We have been watching the entire television series from Netflix for The Muppets.  We watch it with the text “interesting tidbits” option turned on so we can read about the scene we are watching.  The … Continue reading The UX of the Muppets

Consensus vs. Collaboration

Let’s say you are working on an application.  There are hundreds of decisions every week, sometimes every day.  Decisions can be big and small.  How quickly should something animate?  What color should the button be? … Continue reading Consensus vs. Collaboration

The UX of Ajax Load Animations

Consider the spinner.  There are even sites to help you build these ubiquitous items.  They serve a very useful function.  At heart, the spinner is an animation to take your mind off the fact that … Continue reading The UX of Ajax Load Animations

Mollom Spam Blocker

It looks like my WP-Spam plugin was getting false positives and blocking some users.  It “might” be that it was conflicting with my MCE Comments Plugin.  So I turned off both and took this as … Continue reading Mollom Spam Blocker

Google Promote

Have you noticed these new little buttons on Google search? These are pretty interesting considering I haven’t really heard one blip from Google on the actual utility of this feature.  I tried clicking on a … Continue reading Google Promote

Windows 7 Video Drivers

I’ve been using Windows 7 on my home computer (Dell Precision 380), work (Dell Dimension 9200) and an old laptop (Dell Latitude D610).  I haven’t put it in Katie’s laptop or the kids computer.  Overall, … Continue reading Windows 7 Video Drivers

The UX of No Mouse (Keyboard Shortcuts)

This morning I turned on one of our computers, a Dell D610 laptop.  For some reason, the mouse just refused to work.  The keypad wasn’t working, and the nubbin stick in the middle didn’t work … Continue reading The UX of No Mouse (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death

I was using WIndows 7, happy as a clam, when I got a several BSOD (Blue Screens of Death).   Turns out that there is some bug when the network adapter is trying to work too … Continue reading Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death

Optical Illusion, Jan 2009

I made this my desktop background.  It’s giving me a headache. Courtsey of Grand Illusions