Movie Review: Coraline

I recently watched Coraline with the kids.  The movie was pretty clever and well done, but I found it highly derivative.  Here is what it made me think: BeetleJuice (1988) –  My goodness, the artwork was … Continue reading Movie Review: Coraline

The UX of Mission/Vision Resolutions

I was listening to Barney Frank today on NPR.  He said, regarding the healthcare debate, that republicans and democrats are basically on the same page on the big picture.  They both believed there is a … Continue reading The UX of Mission/Vision Resolutions

The UX of facing UX alternatives

This happens all the time.  You have a design and it could go in several directions.  All directions have pros and cons.  What do you do? My technique is to mockup (quickly) as many of … Continue reading The UX of facing UX alternatives

Celebrating Stealth – Ninja Parade

I love well done satire.

Half-Cash for Clunkers

The US Government started this program called “Cash for Clunkers“.  It gives $4000 to anyone who is trading in an old piece of crap for a new shiny car.  The goal is to increase the … Continue reading Half-Cash for Clunkers

User Research

What is the best way to gather user research? I believe Dian Fossey is a great role model for how to achieve great results and learn about your users lives. Dian didn’t ask the gorillas … Continue reading User Research

Pandora for Unsigned Bands

I saw this fun contest on Twitter called PerfectBusiness.  The rules were simple:  Boil down a great business idea into a single tweet.  Now here is a contest that I could do well with.  Here … Continue reading Pandora for Unsigned Bands

GMail is freaking me out

I need your help.  It will just take a second. Problem:  I think people are sending me mail which is not arriving at GMail.  It’s not in the spam folder either. Could you help me? … Continue reading GMail is freaking me out

Phrasing in Health Care

What you call things is incredibly important.  The words you choose carry baggage and implications that people will adopt.  The words help people remember and frame an idea.  Take for example the current Healthcare debate … Continue reading Phrasing in Health Care

The UX of Proverbs

I have been reading this great book called Made to Stick. (Great so far)  In it, they talk about Proverbs.  Proverbs are short phrase-like ideas that encode a much deeper meaning into them.  They are … Continue reading The UX of Proverbs