Developing for One Browser

I just had an awesome experience. I had to create a prototype for something and used HTML.  Because it was a prototype, and therefore throw-away code, I could use a single browser.  I chose Firefox 3.5, which is fast and supports Firebug as well as CSS3.  It was a dream come true.  In just a…Continue readingDeveloping for One Browser

The UX of Kaiser Permanente

Healthcare is one of the most complicated things I have ever seen.  It’s no wonder so many Silicon Valley startups have tried and bounced off this impenetrable fortress of horrible user experience.  The complications arise from many, many, many players in a single use case, plus the spectre of “privacy” that puts FUD into every…Continue readingThe UX of Kaiser Permanente

The UX of Ikes Place

One of my favorite lunches has been at Bon Sante in Burlingame, CA.  I called them Baby Sandwiches.  Not because they were small.  Quite the contrary, they are the size of a small baby!  And they tasted so good.  The chef put love into every bite.  At my new job, there is a place that even…Continue readingThe UX of Ikes Place

The UX of Windows XP

For most of 2009, I have been using Windows 7.  Suddenly, this week, I was thrust back in time to using Windows XP.  It has been quite a shock.  Here are some of the things I picked up on: Fonts.  The ways fonts are handled in XP is alot different.  Everything feels sharper and blurrier…Continue readingThe UX of Windows XP

First day of new job – Adchemy

Today is the first day at my new job.  I’m excited and nervous.  At Marketo, I had built up a ton of respect from my colleagues for solving problems over the years.  At the new job, I have to start from scratch.  I need to learn what they do and how I can best help.…Continue readingFirst day of new job – Adchemy

Starting a Product from Scratch

The decisions you make in the beginning of a product determine a large portion of the headaches you will feel for the next several years.  The first month can make a huge difference.  (Think butterfly effect)  Here are my key tasks to do to when you look at the UX of a new product. Understand the scope…Continue readingStarting a Product from Scratch

Browser Possession Part III

2 years ago, there was this great moment at Ajaxian.  The idea was something I called Browser Possession.  Here is the business case: HTML and CSS are easy enough for non-engineers to create.  However, they aren’t powerful enough.  We want rounded corners, shadows and gradients using CSS and simple markup.  We want simple interactivity like…Continue readingBrowser Possession Part III

Kids are Exhausting

With Katie on the roadtrip with Ethan, that leaves me alone with the other 2.  Man, they are flat out exhausting.  It’s one thing after another.  Drive here, pick up that thing, drop off that other thing, feed, clean, drive to that other thing, rinse, repeat.  How the hell does Katie do this each day?…Continue readingKids are Exhausting

Some random UX guidelines

As I begin to ponder starting with a new company, I have been dreaming about the UX mainstays I have built into my philosophy over the years.  I imagine having each principle printed on a single page.  Here are a few in no particular order:  (I’ll post more over time) Modal dialogs on top of…Continue readingSome random UX guidelines

Katie and Ethan on a Mission

Ethan had a week off of school, so Katie decided to go on a road trip with him.  Just the two of them.  They are traveling down the coast of California visiting a couple of different Missions a day.  (A Mission is an old style church built during the colonization of California by the Spanish.)  They travel…Continue readingKatie and Ethan on a Mission