The UX of HTC Touch Pro 2 (Week 2)

Of course, the minute I get my phone, Verizon announces that they are getting the Palm Pre , Android phones as well as Windows Mobile 6.5 versions of the HTC Touch.  Just my luck! I … Continue reading The UX of HTC Touch Pro 2 (Week 2)

End of an Era: Moving on from Marketo

I joined Marketo in December 2006 as the first non-founder and began a wonderful journey that has lasted 3 years.   I learned a tremendous amount from the people here on a cornucopia of topics … Continue reading End of an Era: Moving on from Marketo

Fun is always better – Piano Stairs

Great experiment showing that you can encourage better behavior by making the experience more fun. (under 2 minutes) What else can be made fun that is good for you?

21st Century Business Model

Problem: Forever, the content business model has been to control access and force payment in advance.  Then digital transfer (and the internet) arrived.  Anything that could be digitized could be shared for free, blowing away … Continue reading 21st Century Business Model

Must See Software – Oct 6, 2009

This list is obviously subject to change over time.  However, I was thinking about the software that I commonly recommend. This is the software that WOWs me.  This is NOT in any particular order.  They … Continue reading Must See Software – Oct 6, 2009

HTC Touch Pro 2 (Day 1)

I’m so nervous.  My first smart phone.  It feels so fragile.  I am so afraid of dropping it.  Ok, breathe…breathe….Go to my happy place….ahhh OK, the phone feels nice in my hand.  Activating it was … Continue reading HTC Touch Pro 2 (Day 1)