Bus of Software 2009 Day 1

Business of Software, Day 1 I am on CalTrain reflecting on Day One of the Business of Software 2009 conference.  No wifi on CalTrain. Lame, but not the fault of the conference. The day started … Continue reading Bus of Software 2009 Day 1

Website Grader

Dharmesh Shah of Hubspot just pointed us to this great free tool to analyze your website called Website Grader.  Check it out.  I found it fascinating for commadot.com. The part I liked best was the … Continue reading Website Grader

The UX of Twitter

I don’t use Twitter all that much.  However, since I am at the Business of Software conference, I decided to participate.  The hashtag is #BoS2009.  At first it was interesting, although alot of the content … Continue reading The UX of Twitter