The Little Things

Updated April 17, 2014 People love the little things in a product.  They also hate the little things. A car is a miracle of modern science, but people like how the door shuts or how … Continue reading The Little Things

The UX of the iPad

What does UX tell us about the iPad: iPad was a stupid name.  The feminine product hook will remain a joke and bleed for a long time.  (Pun intended) Similar to the Tea Bagger movement. … Continue reading The UX of the iPad

Communicating with Comics

I recently read a book by Scott McCloud called Understanding Comics.  You might have seen his work on the Google Chrome comic strip.  Despite the fact that my blog is most text, I have been … Continue reading Communicating with Comics

The Alphabet Trick

Your subconscious is much more powerful than you may realize.  It remembers everything and it can make quick judgments based on millions of experiences..  It’s a super computer right in your head.  The only problem is that … Continue reading The Alphabet Trick

The Jets Fall 2009

Well, it’s over.  It was a great run, but the Jets did what they always do.  They got my hopes up and then lost at the last possible second.  This time they went as fas … Continue reading The Jets Fall 2009

Deja Vu – Jets vs Colts

The Jets won Superbowl III on January 12, 1969, almost exactly 41 years ago.  It was just before I was born against the Colts and Johny Unitas.  It was the first time they called it the Super Bowl. … Continue reading Deja Vu – Jets vs Colts

Design is Decisions – Part 1

Design is decisions.  How do you make those decisions?  There are many competing schools of thought.  I’ll break them down and give you my experience with them all. A/B or Multivariate Testing Focus Groups Hallway … Continue reading Design is Decisions – Part 1

jQuery 1.4 Released

Big release of jQuery 1.4 today.  This version has alot of new stuff and tons of optimizations.  It should be a smooth upgrade for most people. jQuery was a central part of my daily life … Continue reading jQuery 1.4 Released

The UX of System Friction

I bought my wife a Kindle for the holidays.  Over the past three weeks, she has purchased and read, 10 new books.  Previous to that, her reading habits were normal, a single book every couple … Continue reading The UX of System Friction

The Cell Phone Pocket Test

Put your cell phone in your pocket.  “Lock it” if it has that feature.  Now walk around for a little while. If your phone has dialed three people and text messaged two more, then your … Continue reading The Cell Phone Pocket Test