The Little Things Illustrated

Previously I posted on how the little things are the ones that make/break your product/service.  Here is an illustrated example. Don’t be fooled.  This doesn’t mean you can just build the details and forget the … Continue reading The Little Things Illustrated

Request: Microsoft Office Real-Time Collaboration

An open letter to the Microsoft Office team: You have to produce ONE specific feature to secure your future.  If you do as I suggest, you will kneecap Google Docs and breath new life into … Continue reading Request: Microsoft Office Real-Time Collaboration

Different Kinds of Spam

I get spam from alot of different sources.  Each one is a pain in the ass.  Why can’t government figure out how to make this manageable? Snail Mail. Every day, my mailbox is full of … Continue reading Different Kinds of Spam

The UX of Grooveshark

I stumbled on this music site called Grooveshark accidentally via Smashing Magazine, but I am glad I did.  It has a rich user interface with alot to like. The obviousness of what to do first … Continue reading The UX of Grooveshark

The UX of Infographics

There are three kinds of infographics. Ugly and useless Pretty and useless Useful A website is like a big infographic.  It is usually filled with noise and chatter and happy talk.  Usually, it written for … Continue reading The UX of Infographics

Executing a Software Idea

Jeff Atwood wrote a post about ideas being very cheap and execution being worth millions.  Although, I think the lots of terrible ideas are executed and fail miserably, his point is not lost on me. … Continue reading Executing a Software Idea

The UX of Buzz

Three letters.  WTF! Logged into GMail and got (what many of you got) a thing about Buzz.  I wasn’t sure what the thing was but clicked on it.  The next thing it says is: You … Continue reading The UX of Buzz

Product Idea: Mobile App for Sales

I had this idea while talking to a friend.  It’s a different spin on a previous idea about competitive analysis and product management. Summary A mobile app that connects to a SaaS service which gives … Continue reading Product Idea: Mobile App for Sales

Presentation Review: Avinash Kaushik

A great friend and mentor, Avinash Kaushik,  presented at Adchemy last week.  Avinash is an analytics evangelist and industry visionary.  He has two books on Analytics and speaks frequently.  I worked with Avinash a few … Continue reading Presentation Review: Avinash Kaushik

3D Physics in Flash The challenge is to find places in your application or website, where you can add a touch of this kind of magic.  It’s can’t be gratuitous.  It has to be fun and natural.  I … Continue reading 3D Physics in Flash