Designing for Change

A human body can last for over a hundred years. However, remove oxygen for 2 minutes and it will fail permanently. One hit to the head or major artery and its all over. How can … Continue reading Designing for Change

Empathy and Sympathy

What is the difference between empathy and sympathy and why does it matter to building a great product or service? Empathy Definition: the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes … Continue reading Empathy and Sympathy

Marty Cagen’s Bad Product Leadership Habits

I loved this blog post by Marty Cagen.  It’s all the things that bad leaders can do to mess up a product.  However, I read it differently than Marty wrote it.  In other words, he … Continue reading Marty Cagen’s Bad Product Leadership Habits

Social Buzz Verbs

Google recently release Google Buzz.  This is a different service than Yahoo Buzz.  Of course, this is completely different than AT&T  Why are all these web 2.0 social services named Buzz?  Why that verb? … Continue reading Social Buzz Verbs

Trading Mobility for Quality

There has been a trend over the last 20 years in telephones.  That trend has been the trading of quality for mobility and features.  Here is the progression: First, I had a land-line with a … Continue reading Trading Mobility for Quality

The UX of Inner Motivation

We moved into a new house a few months ago.  We still have boxes left unpacked; pictures not on the wall.  We had a nice surge of motivation to unpack, but then we ran out … Continue reading The UX of Inner Motivation

New Theme – April 2010

I couldn’t help myself. I am using the 3.0 beta version of WordPress. It comes with a new theme that is pretty clean from an HTML standpoint. I haven’t made a theme in a long … Continue reading New Theme – April 2010

A Better Goldman Sachs Metaphor

There have been many analogies and metaphors used to describe the Goldman Sachs fraud case.  I think alot of them are bad.  John Stewart was very funny talking about them. Metaphors and Analogies are important … Continue reading A Better Goldman Sachs Metaphor

Did the iPhone get Leaked?

Yes. I may seem cynical, but this wasn’t an accident.  Apple purposely instructed that guy to leave his prototype at the bar. Apple is in the zone right now.  They are dominating everything they do.  … Continue reading Did the iPhone get Leaked?

Font replacement strategies

I’ve tried many different methods for font replacement on my site.  I just can’t help wanting to use a fancy font.  I just switched techniques, but here is the complete rundown. Cufon. A JavaScript implementation … Continue reading Font replacement strategies