The UX of Axure Part II

It’s been almost a month of using Axure.  It’s not all roses and sunshine, but it definitely is the best click-able prototype creation tool I have used.  With that said, it still leaves ALOT to be desired.  Here are … Continue reading The UX of Axure Part II

Easy Magic and Hard Magic

A conversation with Merlin: Me:  Hey, can you conjure up a cow? Merlin: Sure [POOF].  Easy. Me: Cool!  How about a purple cow? Merlin: Oh, hmm.  That’s hard.  Yes, but it will take a while. … Continue reading Easy Magic and Hard Magic

Scarface – The Elementary School Play

Say hello to my little friend: And I thought the point of school wasn’t meant for learning.

The UX of

At work, they hooked up with to provide lunch delivery.  I just used the site to register.  I am not saying this is the worst site in the world.  However, is freakishly bad. Look, … Continue reading The UX of

The Point of School

I wish someone had told me this as a child. The point of elementary school is not to learn.  The point is not to train you for an adult life.  The point of elementary school … Continue reading The Point of School

Should a designer be a SME?

SME stands for Subject Matter Expert.  It means that you have extensive experience doing tasks in a particular field.  The question is “If you are looking for a designer, should you try to find one … Continue reading Should a designer be a SME?

UX Technique: Main Street

There is a technique I use alot when thinking about the architecture of a SaaS product.  It’s called Main Street.  It comes from when I visited Disney Land.  The technique makes an analogy of building a product … Continue reading UX Technique: Main Street

Storyboards or Prototypes?

What is the best method for a designer?  Storyboards or Prototypes? Storyboards These are used to tell a specific story.  You can not click wherever you want.  It’s just a series of screens in a … Continue reading Storyboards or Prototypes?

The UX of Giving Up

When do you give up? Let’s put that another way, When do you realize you made a mistake and try something different?  Yes, that sounds much better.  Yet, it’s the same thing.  I have seen … Continue reading The UX of Giving Up

April Fools, 2010

I love April Fools.  It is permission to have a sense of humor once a year.  It takes time to come up with a good joke.  It should be clever and not too mean.  One … Continue reading April Fools, 2010