The UX of Rock Band 3 – Prerelease

Check out this sneak peak at what Rock Band 3 will be like: A real keyboard, more realistic drums and a guitar that is a real world guitar.  This takes learning music to a whole … Continue reading The UX of Rock Band 3 – Prerelease

The UX of Ongoing Games

My first experience with an ongoing game was Dungeons and Dragons in the early 1980’s.  There was no ending.  You just played whenever you could get the right people together.  You gained in levels and … Continue reading The UX of Ongoing Games

The UX of Support

Question: What is the difference between the approach UX takes and the one Support takes? Each group is dedicated to making the customer happy.  Of course, UX is often involved in the creation process of … Continue reading The UX of Support

My Google AdSense Month

After 30 days of having ads on the right of my blog, I now have data that shows how much money I could make with Google.  It was really difficult getting analogous information on the … Continue reading My Google AdSense Month

Consistency in UX

Rule #15: Consistency is good. But how do you make decisions when it’s complicated?  Let’s compare some of the situations. A vs. B: No-brainer.  Of course, go for something better for the situation assuming all … Continue reading Consistency in UX

Reversing an Emotional Decision

Have you ever convinced yourself of a decision based on an initial reaction?  Of course you have, everyone has.  The more important question is: Have you ever reversed one of these decisions later when reality … Continue reading Reversing an Emotional Decision

Words are Imprecise

Imagine a chair.  You have it in your mind.  Now try and write (or speak) a short description of what makes a chair a chair. online dictionary definition: A piece of furniture consisting of a … Continue reading Words are Imprecise

Top 10 Tips for a New UX Designer

For anyone who is starting off as a brand new UX Designer: Always be observing and analyzing. Look around you. What do you see? Who made those things? Why did they make them that way? … Continue reading Top 10 Tips for a New UX Designer

Posting from the iPad

Trying to post from the iPad using Safari. Hmm, right away there is a problem. I can’t use the WYSIWYG editor. Crap, that is a serious limitation. Oh, well, No bullet points today. Lets look … Continue reading Posting from the iPad

Mayor of Awesome Town

I had a form in front of me for business cards.  I put Senior Director, User Experience.  I didn’t want to.  I wanted to put down, Mayor, Awesome Town.  Why did I chicken out?  Why … Continue reading Mayor of Awesome Town