jQuery 1.5 Released

jQuery 1.5 was released today.  jQuery was one of the most important breakthroughs for me as a designer.  I was an expert in HTML and CSS, but I was not able to program.  My career … Continue reading jQuery 1.5 Released

The Magic Triangle Parable

A story from a friend, but it probably sounds familiar to many of you.  It is related to the magic triangle of Scope, Resources and Time.  You can only focus on one.  Trying to focus … Continue reading The Magic Triangle Parable

Names and Faces

Ben Nadel’s website uses a particular User Experience technique that I think is absolutely brilliant.  Let’s call it “names and faces”.  The idea was originally in a book “Made to Stick” by Chip & Dan Heath. … Continue reading Names and Faces

Combining Technology and Artistry

I just watched a DVD of just Pixar short films.  They were wonderful, but the best moment came in the documentary about Pixar’s early history.  John Lasseter was an animator from Disney.  He joined a … Continue reading Combining Technology and Artistry

What is Design?

Conceptual Design Conceptual Design is the ability to communicate a holistic architecture of a large product, service or solution. A conceptual designer is able to mockup the end-to-end, top-to-bottom structure of this solution.  This includes … Continue reading What is Design?

Sencha 2010 UX Presentation

The video from my Sencha presentation is live on Vimeo.  Whenever I see myself on video, I have a strong negative reaction to the way I look, the way my voice sounds, the way I … Continue reading Sencha 2010 UX Presentation

Leaders and Followers

One idea about a leader is that someone does things that are worth following.  This does not mean they actually have followers.  For example, Van Gogh lived his life in mostly poverty and isolation, but … Continue reading Leaders and Followers

The UX of Electric Car Slogans

User Experience starts very early.  It includes the prejudices they come to the table with and the slogan you put on the first TV commercial they saw.  Nissan and Chevy have two very different approaches. … Continue reading The UX of Electric Car Slogans

The Evolution of Q&A Sites

A very early web WIN for me was Thanksgiving 1995.  My father had asked during during dinner conversation, “How old is Kiri Te Kanawa?”  Today, finding the answer is simple.  You go to Google and misspell her … Continue reading The Evolution of Q&A Sites