The UX of Frustration

I’ve noticed that topics I might write about here, I ended up writing on Quora.  (Actually Atanasio noticed it, but still, the point is the same.)  Hmm, not sure where that is going. An interesting … Continue reading The UX of Frustration

The UX of Quora

I think I am highly subject to fads.  I used to use the jQuery mailing list every day.  Then it was, then, then and most recently it’s  I am generally hooked … Continue reading The UX of Quora

UX Artist

Every now and then, one is surprised by something and then forgets about it.  I do my best to remember the things that surprise me.  I try to linger on the things that make my … Continue reading UX Artist

As an American, I am willing to…

As an American, I am willing to live with… Reduction of the size of the military by 50%. The cost is enormous and we would be just fine with a reduction in forces to half … Continue reading As an American, I am willing to…

The UX of Technical Debt

Technical Debt is a fairly common metaphor used in software development.  (Nice write up.) Ward Cunningham first drew the comparison between technical complexity and debt in a 1992 experience report: Shipping first time code is like … Continue reading The UX of Technical Debt

Polishing the Apple

Real Artists Ship – Steve Jobs When you are working on a product, feature or even service there are two competing ideals.  On the one hand, you want the product to be perfect and work … Continue reading Polishing the Apple

The “Fuck It” Moment

When you only have a few items to look at, you can pay alot of attention.  I have lots of items begging for my attention.  Emails, RSS feed articles, critical alerts from systems, feature requests, … Continue reading The “Fuck It” Moment

Microsoft’s Cluelessness

I have been a Microsoft guy my whole life.  I used DOS, Windows 3.1 as a kid.  I beta tested Windows 95, Windows 98, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.  I also beta … Continue reading Microsoft’s Cluelessness