The UX of (The Name) JIRA Client

I told a few people about JIRA Client and got a nearly universal response.  They were confused as to what I was talking about.  The confusion, I believe stems from the name of the product. … Continue reading The UX of (The Name) JIRA Client

The UX of Jira Client

Recently, we moved from one project/bug system to JIRA with GreenHopper.  The system is highly programmable with lots of plugins and so far, we have made good strides forward.  It’s not perfect by any means, … Continue reading The UX of Jira Client

Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

I absolutely loved this article by Paul Graham called Makers Schedule, Managers Schedule.  It basically describes the cadence difference between people who are in meetings most of the day and people who have deliverables like … Continue reading Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

The UX of Complex Software

Imagine giving a person a copy of Intuit QuickBooks.  The person has no accounting knowledge and no experience with this software or competing software.  In other words, this is a layman.  Imagine that their job … Continue reading The UX of Complex Software

The UX of Resumes

Recently, I interviewed a person for a user interface engineering position.  I made the analogy that the resume was like a user interface and that the candidate was the application.  As a user, I wanted to accomplish … Continue reading The UX of Resumes

The Cost-Quality Curve

As one becomes an expert in any hobby or craft, one learns about the best equipment that is possible to buy.  The dynamics of the cost-value curve are as follows: In the beginning, you can … Continue reading The Cost-Quality Curve